En Primeur: Bordeaux 2015

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En Primeur: Bordeaux 2015


We are just weeks away from the most hotly anticipated En Primeur campaign since the legendary 2009 and 2010 vintages; Back-to-back the greatest ever vintages for Bordeaux. The latter was released at the peak of the market in June 2011 and prices for 2010 have only begun to stabilise over the past six months. For 2015, there is much to be optimistic about. The En Primeur stampede begins next week (1st week of April) at a time when the Liv-ex FW 50 has posted growth of 5.88% over the last quarter. The Bordeaux market has demonstrated encouraging performance over the past 12 months and confidence has certainly returned to this area of the global fine wine market.


“I don’t think there can be any doubt. This will be an exceptional year, in line with memorable years like 2009 and 2005…Everything about the growing season last year was perfect…this is going to be a wonderful vintage.”

Denis Dubourdieu, winemaker and professor of wine at the University of Bordeaux.


Preliminary opinion for 2015 has been very admiring as critics and negociants suggest that there is very little to doubt the excellence of this vintage. The En Primeur PR machine has been working overdrive over the past few years for a range of vintages (2011-2014) that have largely been overrated and overpriced – slightly harsh for the recently bottled 2012s and last year’s 2014 release. A lot has been made about the oversupply of 2011 and 2013 as both campaigns failed but there were plenty of exceptions to the rule for 2012 and 2014 if guided in the right direction.


“I’m not used to bragging, but these wines are honestly fantastic – extravagant almost’’

Christian Moueix – winemaker who owns La Fleur-Petrus and Trotanoy amongst others.


Surprisingly, the Bordeaux 2015 hype has been fairly restrained but Chateau owners are very confident that 2015 will follow ‘The Rule of Five’, which suggests every vintage ending in five or zero since 1985 has been or is destined for greatness. 


“It’s safe to say that the Rule of Five remains intact: every vintage ending in five or zero since 1985 has been excellent and that sequence continues with 2015’’

Jancis Robinson - Leading British wine critic.


The foundations for 2015 are very strong. Even and homogeneous flowering and fruit set during fine, dry weather – perfect. Late July was very hot and dry, which halted vine growth, whilst water stress arrived at just the right time in August, and the return of sunny days and cool nights in late September led to a very successful harvest for all grape varieties and colours.


“I can already say that 2015 is indeed a fantastic year, producing rich and opulent reds with ripe and velvety tannins. The wines have a lot of "wow" factor when you taste them ... I can't think of another vintage that produced wines like this in my career as a wine critic and that's 33 vintages of Bordeaux from barrel.’’

James Suckling – leading wine critic.


Suckling has lavished praise on the 2015s he has tasted so far and the scores across the Right Bank, Pessac and Margaux are very high (Bordeaux 2015 Critic Scores). We are still eagerly awaiting scores from the Wine Advocate as Neal Martin embarks on his final week of tastings.


“the wines have an elusive “wow” factor … 2015 is the best vintage since the legendary 2009 and 2010… I can safely say (it) is a vintage to be excited about.’’

Elin McCoy, Bloomberg.


2015 is a vintage to be cautiously excited about and post tastings next week, we will be publishing our annual En Primeur report, when we will not only be evaluating the quality of the wines we have tasted but other key considerations such as price/quality ratios, exchange rates and our impressions of global demand for this year’s campaign.


“It looks to be the best vintage since 2010. The bad news is … well, there's not too much bad news, really.’’

James Molesworth, The Wine Spectator, leading wine critic.


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