Update on Champagne Bruno Paillard 2013 vendanges, Reims Thursday 10th October 2013

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Update on Champagne Bruno Paillard 2013 vendanges, Reims Thursday 10th October 2013

Update on Champagne Bruno Paillard 2013 vendanges, Reims Thursday 10th October 2013

Bruno Paillard sent us his harvest report from Reims, some good news from a French wine producer !

Chardonnays: we started Monday September 30 with the Chardonnays of Cumières, Premier Cru in the Vallée de la Marne. We immediately followed with Oger, then Le Mesnil sur Oger, then Vertus, in the Côte des Blancs, and we finished with Etoges. In 7 days we have picked all our Chardonnays  which are all magnificent thanks to perfect healthy conditions and a favorable weather, despite some millerandage. (A fine maturity exceeding 11 to 11.5 as well as acidity over 8.5). The fruits – each with their personality- offer a clean taste, vivacity and length, which announce future great quality wines.


Chardonnay picked on the 6th of October

On 28-29 September we started picking in Les Riceys (Aube) but sadly strong showers seriously damaged the Pinots Noirs down there. had already suffered from hail and the fruits were vulnerable. Spring tastings will tell, but there is little chance that we will use these Pinots Noirs in our cuvées to be composed in 2014.


Pinot Meunier picked on the 8th of October

Meunier: we started picking on October 8. They offer an excellent level of quality, both in terms of health of fruit and of analysis (alc. 9.6 + acidity 7.7 to 8). The Vallée de la Marne wasn't hit by hail. Our vineyards of Cumières, Damery, Reuil, Venteuil,  give satisfactory results as well as Festigny although there we had rain the last day which started to affect quality. We have plenty of wonderful Meuniers now in tanks, only a few of them are not at the level we want. But the volume is large enough so we can choose the best. Very fruity and clean juices.

Pinot Noir: in the Marne, they are superb and well matured (alc. 10.5 + acidity 8.5). We finished yesterday and today Oct. 10 we are picking Verzenay were we also get both quality  and quantity. It is these Pinots Noirs that we usually favor, and this year we have a large supply of them with great potential.

Clearly the 2013 harvest is very unequal from one region to another and therefore from one grape variety to another. 2013 in Champagne is a "année de vigneron" but more particularly a year of the "échelle des crus": objectively the "Grands Crus" are superior to the "Premiers "Crus” wich are themselves superior to the "other crus".

For the next few picking days, the weather is uneven with a drop of temperatures and risks of rain which could damage the remaining fruits.   In our own Bruno Paillard vineyard we finish Friday October 11. Congratulation to Mathieu and his team!  For the grapes from our independent grower suppliers, we should receive the last ones on Sunday or maybe Monday 14th Oct.: Laurent and his team haven’t yet finished their rush...! Happily at the moment when I write these lines, 90 % of the vendange is safely sheltered in our cuverie with all we need to compose great wines.  Thanks god!  Vins clairs tastings will tell in March-April.


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