Will orange wine be 2017’s top drinks trend?

Posted by Rachel England on 7 December 2016

Combining the richness of red wine and the freshness of white, orange wine could be the drink of 2017 according to trend analysts.

Known in recent times as the ‘fourth wine’, orange wine contains no citrus elements and instead gets its name from its colour, which is achieved through a winemaking process known as skin contact. The resulting flavour is generally nuttier than that found in red or white.

Orange wine was developed centuries ago but has made a comeback in Italy and Slovenia in recent years, and more recently still has appeared on a number of influential wine lists around the world. Over the summer the London Ritz added five orange wines to its acclaimed ‘Livre du Vin’ list, while a number of venues in New York have added the wine to their offerings.

According to wine expert Amelia Singer, orange wines have a “thrilling perfume, combined with an enticing intensity of honeyed, fleshy fruit and an assertive grip from the tannins”.

The wine pairs well with cheese as well as Indian, Ethiopian, Persian and Moroccan dishes because of its acidity and fruitiness.

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