Bordeaux 2007 Second Wines Performance

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Bordeaux 2007 Second Wines Performance


The Chart below measured the price variation of second wines of the first growths, citing data from Second Wines 50, a sub-index of Bordeaux 500.


second wines of first growth


Like its first wine, Carruades Lafite 2007 has possibly taken the steepest journey in all second wines. It was released at a price of £600 per 12x75cl before leaping more than six-folds to a record £3850 in August 2011. Now the wine is traded at £2,288, dropped by 42% from the peak.

Petit Mouton and Pavillon Rouge had a slower but more consistent run. The two wines were traded at £1,646(+278.4%) and £1,350 (+274.4)respectively, less than three times of their initial prices. But both kept price variation within 10% against their 2011 all-time highs.

Forts de Latour increased 183.2% to £1,600, down 28.9% from the highest £2,250 in 2011, a mediocre candidate among the above five.


second wines of first growth 02


A less impressive performance fell to Clarence Haut Brion, who still gained 113.2% on its debut. (2007 was the first vintage when Haut Brion named its second wine Clarence rather than Bahans.)

Pavillon Blanc, another second wine from Margaux, noted a 45.2% price hike in the last 6 months. Currently at a market price of £1,750 per 12x75, nearly doubled that of Clarence Haut Brion (£927).


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