Critics reveal Bordeaux 2014 in-bottle scores

Posted by Rachel England on 16 February 2017 |

Critics have starting announcing their in-bottle scores for Bordeaux’s 2014 vintage, with James Molesworth, James Suckling and Antonio Galloni revealing their top picks.

Mouton Rothschild 2014 is the only wine to appear in all three critics’ top ten. Cheval Blanc, Latour, Vieux Chateau Certan each appear in the top ten for three of the four reviewers.

James Suckling’s top scores were higher than other critics. He awarded Lafleur and Ausone a ‘perfect’ 100 points, noting that he is “in awe” of Ausone, and exclaiming that Lafleur “is fantastic on the nose. OMG!” As can be seen, eight of his top ten wines have been scored above their original barrel range.

Molesworth and Galloni, meanwhile, have been a little more reserved. All of Molesworth’s scores fall within their original barrel ranges, while Galloni’s top score, 97+, went to Vieux Chateau Certan which had an original barrel range of 93-96+.

In fact, opinions among the critics have been mixed across the board. As the table below shows – using a mid-point of the barrel range for Neal Martin’s scores – there are significant variations between critics for particular wines. For example, Clos Fourtet received 90-92 from Neal Martin from barrel, but 97 points in bottle from Antonio Galloni.

Martin has generally scored towards the bottom of the range so far, but is expected to reveal his in-bottle scores later in the year.

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