Market holds firm throughout En Primeur

Posted by Rachel England on 23 June 2017 |

Last week’s release of Vieux Chateau Certan marked the very end of the 2016’s En Primeur campaign, and with a 28% increase on last year’s price, puts the chateau among those that increased their prices the most.

As Liv-ex notes, like last year price hikes increased as the campaign unfolded, but they appear to be more modest this time around. Increases of 40-50% by the middle of June were normal last year, so a rise of 28% would have put Chateau Certan below trend.

However, merchants were still a little too optimistic, with prices around 4.5% higher than predicted. There was also ambiguity on the market thanks to reduced allocations.

Nonetheless, Live-ex’s indices have remained firm, with the Liv-ex 100 gaining 0.4% in May and the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 up 1%, rising another 0.3% since.

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