Bloomberg Talks to Cult Wines About Fine Wine & Investment

Posted by Cult Wines on 19 July 2018

Bloomberg Talks to Cult Wines About Fine Wine & Investment


“Buying rare wines is like investing in a startup,” writes Bloomberg in a special feature on fine wine investment: “but unlike a startup, wine is a lot more lucrative these days.”


Today fine wine has a $5 billion market. It is projected to grow a strong 7% in 2018 according Euromonitor. Bloomberg reports: “Had you allocated $100,000 to Cult Wines, your money would have returned an average of 13% annually. In 2016, the company’s index performance was actually 26%.”


The article continues to highlight what Cult Wines has to offer to its clients: a transparent commission model, reliable wine procurement network, insurance against all potential damages, and, most importantly, professional investment advice.


Bloomberg spoke with one of Cult Wine’s long-term investors, Sophie Skarbek-Borowska, a marketing executive who had a wine tasting qualification from the WSET. “I understand more about wine then cryptocurrency, microchips and even Coca-Cola, but I would never be able to invest in wine on my own,” she told Bloomberg. Since starting with Cult Wines in 2014, Sophie’s wine portfolio has increased 41%.


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