Château Leoville Barton: Brand

Anthony Barton is one of the most prominent and popular Bordeaux viogniers, with a passion for fair pricing which has earned the brand a strong and loyal fanbase. Whilst release prices have risen in recent years, notably with the 2010 vintage, the rises at Léoville Barton have been modest in comparison to those at other château (a rise of <24% from €42 to €52, compared with rises of 70-80% elsewhere). It should also be noted that prices have been readjusted downwards for the 2011 vintage which can be purchased for around £480 per case. Mr Barton, former Decanter Man of the Year, is famously critical of châteaux that make wines exclusively for speculative purposes, aiming his wines squarely at the consumer instead. Thus demand for Léoville Barton is always high: the initial batch of the 2008 vintage for example sold out within a day of its release. Despite Anthony Barton’s belief in wine for drinking only, his is an extremely investable product thanks to great levels of demand and room for growth allowed by modest release prices. Christie’s Anthony Hanson has even specifically named Barton alongside its former Léoville siblings Las Cases and Poyferré as dependable brand for investors in terms of growth. And with a softened fine wine market, it is reasonably priced wines which stand to weather market unreliability- Léoville Barton remains competitively priced for a Super-Second, at around £40 per bottle for the 2011 vintage (90-92+ RPJ points). The 2009 offering from this estate, which was priced similarly on release and garnered a similarly strong critic appraisal, has shown steady growth since its release and in 2012 is displaying a remarkable increase in value of around 54%.