Château Leoville Barton: History

Léoville Poyferré shares much of its early history with the Léoville estate- which was split after to the death of its owner Alexandre de Gascq and with the impending French Revolution. The Barton family have roots in Bordeaux tracing back to 1745 and began as négociants, becoming winemakers proper with the purchase of Château Le Bosq in 1745. This was followed by the purchase of Ponten-Langlois, and a parcel of the vines from the split of Léoville, becoming Léoville Barton in 1826. Since there was no chai on the property, Hugh Barton began to make Léoville Barton wine at nearby Langoa Barton, a practise that continues to this day. Hugh was succeeded by his son Ronald, a man wedded to tradition who eschewed modern winemaking practices which were springing up around Bordeaux in the post-WWII years. Thanks to this, the wines produced under his tenure were not of as competitive a quality at they could have been. Leaving no direct heir, Ronald’s stewardship was followed by that of his nephew, Anthony Barton, who manages the estate today- representing 186 years of continuous ownership of the estate by a single family- a Bordeaux record.