Chateau Palmer Fine Wine Tasting with Plurimi

21st November 2017 6:30am - 9:00pm
The Clockwork Building, 45 Beavor Lane, London W6 9AR
Exclusive Fine Wine Tasting showcasing wines from Chateau Palmer - Appelation Margaux Controlee.

Château Palmer

Château Palmer, named after Major General Palmer, a British officer who settled in Bordeaux in 1814, is second only to the famous Château Margaux in the Margaux appellation. It is located in the centre of Margaux and its beautiful vineyards lie on a sparse gravel plateau, giving the terroir just what it needs to create such complex wines.

Intriguingly, since 1998 the Château has been producing also a second label, (not a second wine), Alter Ego de Palmer, selected from the same quality terroirs, but employing different wine-making techniques and different proportions of grapes. Some 40% of the estate's production is now sold as Alter Ego de Palmer and this gives drinkers a fantastic opportunity to compare and contrast these wonderful wines.


  • Alter Ego de Palmer 2010
  • Alter Ego de Palmer 2012
  • Palmer 2005
  • Palmer 2012
  • Palmer 1983
  • Palmer 1999