La Place de Bordeaux Tasting Event

8th September 2021 by Cult Wines
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La Place de Bordeaux Tasting Event

As summer winds down, fantastic new wine releases are just ramping up! In the coming weeks a diverse range of wines will hit the market, offering wine lovers and investors many chances to get hold of some of the more intriguing names from across the global fine wine map.

Many of these global releases will come via La Place de Bordeaux - the historic system used to distribute the wines of Bordeaux globally. In recent years, ‘La Place’ has distributed an increasing number of fine wines from other European and ‘new world’ regions, a clear acknowledgement of the improving quality and recognition of wines from outside the traditional regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy.  

beyond bordeaux 

We’ve written about how some of the most impressive growth rates in recent years in the investment market has come from Italy and Rest of World categories. Demand for these regions’ wines is on the rise in key Asia and North American markets which then drives price appreciation.

This week, Cult Wines had the privilege to attend La Place de Bordeaux’s London tasting of the wines released this month. Many of these excellent offerings will likely drive the next stage of market growth as the rosy outlook for Italian and new world wine markets is enhanced by a string of excellent recent vintages.

 “Napa Valley experienced two stunning back-to-back vintages in 2018 and 2019 the likes of which I have never seen….The 2018s are refined and vibrant, while the young 2019s have a bit more depth and energy.” - Antonio Galloni, Vinous.

 “The natural conditions of the year provide such a perfect scenario for producing great wines that express their place of birth and grapes that I truly believe it’s the main news about Chile’s wine production right now.” – Luis Gutiérrez, Wine Advocate

Here we highlight a few of our favourite wines from the La Place de Bordeaux’s ‘Beyond Bordeaux’ tasting event:

Tasting Notes


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