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Burgundy Wine Investment Report

Arguably the world’s greatest wine growing region, certainly the world’s most expensive wines but how does one profit from investing in Burgundy?

Download a copy of our must-have report and discover how the great wines from Burgundy have outperformed the FTSE 100, the S&P 500, Gold and the Bordeaux market over the past decade.

Our detailed report looks at the intricacies, nuances and exceptional stories behind one of the world’s most famed winemaking regions and looks specifically at the investment potential for wine collectors around the world. We consider the difficulties in investing in Burgundy, the potential risks, as well as the outstanding rewards on offer. Focusing our attention on some of the region’s leading producers the report offers an investment perspective on some of the best estates on the Cote d’Or.

There is no doubt that to successfully build a collection of investment grade Burgundy requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise, so with our help download a copy of our report today and discover the key to investing in this region.

In this comprehensive 50 page report you will discover:

   An overview and understanding of Burgundy
   Bordeaux vs. Burgundy as an investment
   Key producer profiles
  The Risks and Returns
   How to get started


Cult Wines Ltd is one of the UK’s leading fine wine investment companies, with a highly trained team of specialists who bring with them a wealth of financial markets expertise and fine wine experience. A family business based in Richmond, with core values of openness and transparency, we are perfectly positioned to advise a global private client base on the full potential of investment in this market. One of our key strengths is our dynamic and forward-thinking approach to analysis and research, we are constantly engaged in developing leading edge market strategies and providing up to the minute market data.