Cult Wines provides segregated and individually managed portfolios to clients.

Cult Wine Investment Performance represents the aggregated performance of those client portfolios over the period covered based on unaudited figures. Index information is included for illustrative purposes only: each individual portfolio might have performed differently. In order to calculate CW Index performance, Cult Wines rebase each wine held in clients’ accounts (reflecting all wines under management) from the date they are placed in the account by assigning them an index number of 100 reflecting entry price in the portfolio and calculates the return to date on the appreciation (or depreciation) of that wine from 100. The index performance is an aggregation of all wines held by Cult Wines clients, and their returns.

Cult Wines uses the market price on the independent exchange Liv-ex in its calculations and in rare instances where a quote is not available, Cult Wines will fair value the wine using prices from Wine Searcher and other independent sources.

Your actual portfolio return will vary from the Cult Wine Investment Performance based on your stated objectives, portfolio composition, fees and will be available for you to see daily in your account as prices are updated from the Liv-ex on a daily basis, or in the rare circumstances mentioned above, at the Cult Wines fair value.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Returns are calculated in CAD unless otherwise noted. The CW Index is calculated in GBP and results in CAD will fluctuate based on currency exchange rates. All performance figures are gross of fees.