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The biggest price rises of Bordeaux 2016


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With Bordeaux 2016 firmly in the rear-view mirror, the trade now has time to sit back and reflect on this year’s campaign.

Price rises are par for the course with Bordeaux, but increases were measured this year. While there were indeed several hefty hikes, very few chateaux increased their prices by more than 20%, and fewer still by more than 25%. Compare this to 2015’s campaign where, according to Liv-ex, “increases of 40-50% by the middle of June were normal”, and it’s clear this year’s has been a tempered one in comparison.

Of course, a price increase isn’t always a bad thing, nor does it mean the wines in question represent poor value. Many wines with a newly boosted price tag still represent a good investment. But in terms of headline numbers, these are the five biggest price risers.

Leoville Las Cases: up 30%
Petit Mouton: Up 32.4%
La Conseillante: Up 32.7%
Pontet-Canet: Up 44%
Figeac: Up 47%

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