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Introducing the future of wine investing: The Cult Wine Investment platform

By Tom Gearing
Tom Gearing

The world of wine investment has been transformed. At Cult Wines, we've always believed that investing in fine wine should be as effortless as drinking it. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the next big leap in our journey – the Cult Wine Investment Platform.


The platform at a glance:

  Precision portfolio: Access daily snapshots detailing your wine investment performance. Explore its current value, appreciation trends, and a detailed breakdown by region and wine. An itemised P&L for each wine, driven by real-time market price data, ensures accuracy at your fingertips.

  Stay updated: Monitor your account's historical transactions, view pending sales, and keep a close watch on your live available balance. Receive timely notifications, ensuring you're always in the loop about pivotal activity in your account.

  Invest with confidence: Discover our latest handpicked offers, enriched with comprehensive market analysis. Enjoy a seamless financial experience with our integrated payment gateway, allowing for both one-time and recurring deposits.

  The digital cellar: Turn your smartphone into a 1,000-bottle wine cellar. Enjoy digital visuals of your collection, show your friends, request bottle deliveries, and delve into specifics with a tap.

  Discover & engage: Learn through our curated educational content, from informative articles to videos. Stay informed about global wine events and sign up with ease.

  Personalise your experience: Adjust currency preferences, language preferences (such as Japanese and Chinese) keep track of ongoing fees, manage outstanding balances, and more in the account section. Require assistance? Your Relationship Manager or our FAQ section is just a tap away.


For a vivid walkthrough of all these features and more, don't miss our 2-minute demo video. Witness the platform's sleek interface, innovative features, and the game-changing experience it promises.


Why choose Cult Wine Investment? 

  A legacy of experience: As the largest wine investment manager globally with $375m under management, our 13+ years of experience speak for themselves.

  Heart and head approach: Our dedication isn't just about sophisticated investment analysis and portfolio management. It’s also about our genuine love for wine. Experience this passion through exclusive events and access to the world's most exceptional wines.

  Endorsement from the best: Backed by personalities like F1 driver Valtteri Bottas and the former CEO of Moet Hennessy, Christophe Navarre, our reputation precedes us.


While the platform sets a new benchmark for desktop wine investing, we're excited to announce that the app version will be launched next week! Ready to offer you a best-in-class mobile experience, the future of wine investing truly is in the palm of your hand.

If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our global teams to discover more about our services and how our platform can elevate your investment experience.

Join us in heralding a new era for wine investment.

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