CW Alternative Investment Report 2021

Alternative Investment Report 2021

Increasingly, investors are incorporating exposure to alternative assets into their investment portfolios, and we believe ‘collectible’ real assets can help with many of today’s investing challenges.

In this report you will find:


  1. Alternative InvestmentsBenefits and risks of alternative investments

  2. Real AssetsDiscussion on real assets' suitability for the current environment

  3. AnalysisStatistical analysis of fine wine's track record

  4. PerformanceModel portfolio's performance

A healthy investment portfolio will have a range of assets to target diversified sources of return and to provide stability. Increasingly, investors are incorporating exposure to so-called alternative assets into their investment portfolios.

Some studies expect alternative assets to grow by nearly 10% per year over the next five years. In this report, we look at the potential benefits of alternative assets and examine how fine wine’s performance track record and market dynamics make it an attractive option to include in an alternative asset exposure.

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To reach investment goals, we identify wines with the best relative value and growth prospects. We do that by using proprietary AI-driven statistical models derived from millions of data points.


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