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1989 Chateau Haut-Batailley

By Chateau Haut-Batailley

The 1989 Chateau Haut-Batailley from Chateau Haut-Batailley, Pauillac, Bordeaux

In a vintage that saw profound achievements throughout Bordeaux, the 1989 Chateau Haut-Batailley from Chateau Haut-Batailley stands as a paragon of Pauillac poise. As the appellation's estates grappled with a potentially challenging hot summer, Chateau Haut-Batailley managed an admirable balance between ripeness and structure.


Thirty Years On: A Portrait of Maturity

Decades in the bottle have ushered this wine into a captivating phase of its evolution. One appreciates how the tumultuous climatic conditions of '89, which could have spelled overexuberance, instead lent a measured intensity to the fruit. The time spent maturing has allowed for tertiary notes to unfurl -a melange of cigar box, truffle, and autumnal forest floor that cradle the still-vivid tapestry of blackcurrants and plums.


Investment Merits of a Stellar Vintage

For fine wine investors looking towards longevity and stability, the 1989 Chateau Haut-Batailley stands out. There is an air of confidence that it still possesses ample vivacity and structure to inspire future appreciation. As such, this particular expression from Chateau Haut-Batailley is not merely seen as a sensory pleasure but as an astute addition to any discerning collection.

An indisputable talking point lies in the wine's texture – velvety tannins weave intricately with hearty acidity; one marvels how they carry flavours across decades yet never overstep onto the territory of dominance.

The 1989 vintage encapsulates a moment when Chateau Haut-Batailley harnessed a challenging year to produce a profoundly eloquent Pauillac. With an investment bearing fruitful expression both on the palate and potentially in value, this is one for collectors to embrace with verve.

In sum, the 1989 Chateau Haut-Batailley represents more than just another storied vintage; it's a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Pauillac's terroir and Chateau Haut-Batailley’s winemaking finesse. A dignified composition which remains vibrant after three decades, it reaffirms its stature as one of Pauillac's venerable creations.

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The 1989 Haut-Batailley has a gorgeous amount of up-front, satiny fruit, is lush and ripe, as well as long. The palate impression is almost one of sweet, jammy fruit because of its super-richness. Anticipated maturity: Now-2006.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 February 1993

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