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1990 Chateau Haut-Batailley

By Chateau Haut-Batailley

1990 Chateau Haut-Batailley from Chateau Haut-Batailley, Pauillac, Bordeaux

The 1990 vintage emerges as a celebrated year in Bordeaux, with optimal conditions heralding a crop of exceptional quality. The 1990 Chateau Haut-Batailley from Chateau Haut-Batailley epitomises the exquisite harmony achieved in Pauillac during this illustrious season.


A Sterling Vintage Captured by Expertise

The autumn of 1989 ended on a benevolent note, and the following spring ushered in growth under ideal conditions. Summer's warmth and adequate rainfall contributed to a near-impeccable fruit set, setting the stage for a vintage that offered both opulence and structure. This particular expression from Chateau Haut-Batailley captures that year's triumphs - a result of precise viticulture honed over generations.


The Quintessential Investment-grade Pauillac

True to the esteemed terroir of Pauillac, the 1990 Chateau Haut-Batailley brims with layers of complexity. One is immediately greeted by an alluring nose of blackcurrants and cedar, leading to a palate rich with ripe tannins and an admirable depth of flavour. Further nuances unfold with aeration, revealing hints of tobacco, leather, and an earthy minerality that reflects the gravelly soils of its origin.

Now at its mature plateau, the wine performs admirably among its peers—its longevity an asset for fine wine collectors and investors alike. The nonpareil balance accomplished in this Bordeaux substantiates its potential for further cellaring or timely enjoyment.

In conclusion, for the savvy investor seeking continuity in excellence or the enthusiast wishing to delve into the splendour of historic vintages, the 1990 Chateau Haut-Batailley is an indispensable addition. Its intimate connection with an auspicious year amplifies not only its intrinsic merit but also its investment allure.

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The 1990 offers a forward, smoky, sweet oaky nose intertwined with bold and lavish aromas of blackcurrants. Medium-bodied, with low acidity, light tannins, and layers of ripe fruit, this finesse-styled wine should provide superlative drinking for more than a decade. It is the finest Haut-Batailley since 1982.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 February 1993

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