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1982 Lynch Bages

By Chateau Lynch Bages

1982 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages, Pauillac, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Bordeaux vintages, few have captured the collective imagination and palate of connoisseurs quite like the fabled 1982 vintage. Among these heralded creations stands a titan – the 1982 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages. This Pauillac beacon has traversed four decades with the grace of a seasoned ballerina, continually echoing its climactic season's brilliance.


Vintage Virtuosity: A Confluence of Optimal Conditions

Amidst the idyllic weather conditions that marked the growing season of '82, it was the unanticipated dry and warm spell in September that coaxed optimal ripeness from Pauillac's Cabernet Sauvignon. With an assemblage favoured by nature, the 1982 Lynch Bages showcases a mesmerising interplay of robust tannins and a luxuriant bouquet that is as dynamic as it is dignified.


The Embodiment of Pauillac Poise

The terroir of Chateau Lynch Bages, embroidered with deep gravel beds and a commanding view of the Gironde estuary, imprints its distinctive signature on this majestic wine. The palate reveals layers of crème de cassis intertwined with autumnal underbrush notes and cigar box nuances. Time has bestowed upon the 1982 Lynch Bages a silken texture, making each sip akin to a vivid recollection of this historic year for Bordeaux enthusiasts.

The investment magnetism of this vintage is no minor footnote. As fine wine investors vie for storied bottles to grace their cellars, few can rival the 1982 Lynch Bages for its exquisite representation of both a monumental year and the timeless allure of Pauillac majesty.

A venerated benchmark for both collectors and hedonists, the 1982 vintage from Chateau Lynch Bages remains one of the most sought-after investment wines, matured to perfection yet promising longevity for those discerning enough to hold or acquire allocations now. In the broader context of wine investment, its stature continues to escalate as opportunities to own this extraordinary exemplar diminish with time's passage.


A Tapestry Weaved from Historical Threads

In an era where provenance is king and pedigree paramount, the 1982 Lynch Bages is a powerful testament to the enduring legacy of outstanding vintages. Its continued evolution in bottle assures its place among those elite ranks reserved for only the most extraordinary wines. Investors may rest assured; they are not just acquiring liquid history - they are investing in one of Pauillac’s unequivocal treasures.

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This shows intense aromas of mint, lead pencil and currants that follow through to a full body, with velvety tannins and a finish with tension and freshness. Drink now.

James Suckling -, December 31st 2012


Tasted at Pebbles/Zachy's 1982 dinner in Hong Kong. This is one of the best bottles of Lynch Bages that I have come across. It has a life-affirming nose of blackberry, strong graphite aromas and cedar

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2013


Beautifully mature with sweet, sun-drenched black currant, fig, roasted herb and loamy soil characteristics, the dark plum/garnet-colored 1982 possesses opulent, fleshy flavors and a full-bodied finish. All the tannins are resolved, the acidity is low and this deliciously savory, rich wine is in full bloom. Drink the complex, beautiful 1982 now and over the next decade.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2011

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