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2001 Lynch Bages

By Chateau Lynch Bages

2001 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages, Pauillac, Bordeaux

In the esteemed laden halls of Pauillac's vinous lore, the 2001 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages has etched a distinctive chapter. A vintage that did not receive the meteoric acclaim of its immediate predecessors, it reveals its merit through nuance and finesse rather than sheer power.


A Vintage Defining Grace Under Pressure

The 2001 vintage in Bordeaux was one that tested the resilience and skill of vintners. Whilst navigating a growing season with erratic weather patterns, formidable Chateaus such as Lynch Bages showcased their viticultural mastery. It is the ilk that requires patience; a sleeper vintage now awakening to exhibit a splendid maturity.


Tasting Notes: Poised Complexity Shines Through

Now, having benefited from two decades in the bottle, the 2001 Lynch Bages demonstrates a glorious progression. The oily cabernet sauvignon is stately and poised, having softened its tannic fortitude into a silkier embrace. On the olfactory journey, one uncovers layers of cassis entwined with truffle and leather – relics of an astute ageing process. The palate does not fall short; with tertiary notes unfolding amidst remnants of dark fruit, it mirrors a tapestry woven from the finest threads of savoury and earthy motifs.

Savvy investors often seek out vintages like 2001 for their portfolio – an exemplar mixture of robust provenance and subtler market dynamics. Akin to locating treasure, this year holds allure for those discerning enough to invest beyond the glare of more illustrious vintages.


Connoisseur's Summary: Investment-Worthy Hidden Gem

The 2001 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages appears innately crafted for the cellar of a true wine aficionado – one who appreciates both a wine's place within their investment portfolio and at their table. As we behold this exceptional embodiment from Pauillac's abode, it stands tall as one of the quietly confident entrants into the realm of distinguished Bordeaux collectables. For those attuned to connoisseurship and investment acumen alike, this vintage is assuredly worthy of consideration.

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Tasted blind at Bordeaux Index's 10-Year On horizontal. The first bottle of this was denuded of vitality and out of sorts (indeed this is a major problem with this vintage.) Not corked, but previous experience old me that it was not 'happy' bottle. Fortunately I stayed for another to be opened and this far more representative. Ripe, dark berried fruits on the nose with touches of mulberry, briary, graphite and sous-bois. The palate is medium-bodied with a crisp entry, tarry black fruits on the entry, sharp acidity, very tight but that is probably because this bottle had just been opened. Very fine. Tasted March 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal May 2011


The fully mature 2001 exhibits aromas of tapenade, bay leaf, licorice, red and black currants, damp earth and new saddle leather. Medium-bodied and atypically elegant and charming for a Lynch Bages with soft, fully resolved tannin and a moderately long finish, it is much lighter than a great vintage such as 2000.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2011

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