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2019 Lynch Bages

By Chateau Lynch Bages

2019 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages, Pauillac, Bordeaux

Amidst the quintessentially aristocratic vineyards of Pauillac, the remarkable 2019 Lynch Bages vintage from Chateau Lynch Bages emerged with a pedigree that would pique the interest of fine wine investors and connoisseurs alike. My personal exploration through this vintage has been an emblematic journey into the heart of Bordeaux, where terroir speaks as eloquently as history.


Bordeaux’s Vintage Virtuosity

With an extraordinary year for Bordeaux wines, 2019 stands testament to the region's capacity for producing reds of exceptional quality. A judicious blend of climate and craft facilitated by the astute hand of the winemakers at Chateau Lynch Bages gave rise to a wine expressive of both power and finesse. The equitable weather conditions provided a canvas upon which this Chateau could illustrate its savoir-faire with profound depth.


An Oenophilic Ode to Pauillac

Clasping the glass, one is greeted by the layered bouquet that typifies a Pauillac heavyweight: bramble fruit interwoven with cassis and punctuated by subtle hints of cedar. On the palate, the 2019 Lynch Bages offers an array of structured tannins alongside an orchestra of dark fruit and an enduring minerality. What truly distinguishes this vintage is its precocious balance, suggesting a promising future for ageing while remaining eminently approachable in its youth.

The 2019 vintage undeniably encapsulates the rigour and expression of its venerated predecessors, yet it uniquely carves out its pivotal narrative within the tapestry of Pauillac lore.


The Investment Prestige

Fine wine investment wisdom pivots on acquiring vintages with profound storytelling potential—those that weave together climatic idiosyncrasies, regional distinction, and vinicultural artisanship. The 2019 Lynch Bages from Chateau Lynch Bages exemplifies such a perennial narrative. It is a compelling acquisition for portfolios looking to capture a slice of Bordeaux's oenological grandeur.

In substrate lies finesse; in heritage lies promise—a venerable investment indeed.

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Displaying a deep garnet-purple color, the 2019 Lynch-Bages needs a little coaxing to awaken its alluring scents of blackcurrant pastilles, warm black cherries, boysenberries and baker’s chocolate plus nuances of lilacs, forest floor, iron ore and charcoal with a spicy touch of cinnamon stick. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is jam-packed with ripe, rich black fruit layers, framed by firm, grainy tannins and bold freshness, finishing long and earthy. It is incredibly exciting how the personality of Lynch-Bages has been gaining focus and depth over the last 10-15 years, thanks in part to what appears to be efforts to sustain the mid-palate with just a tad more ripeness while taming and refining the tannins, allowing all these beautiful nuances among what wants to be a powerful fruit core to really shine through. This 2019 is an extraordinary expression and one that I suspect may well reveal even more layers by the time it’s bottled.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 9 July 2020

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