Chateau Domaine de Chevalier   Domaine de Chevalier

2020 Domaine de Chevalier

By Chateau Domaine de Chevalier

2020 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier, Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux

The year 2020 will undoubtedly remain etched in our collective memory for its global upheavals; yet from within the well-drained gravel beds of Pessac-Léognan emerges a vintage that transcends the year's challenges. The 2020 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier has unequivocally captured my attention as a beacon of resilience and finesse.


A Year of Mastery Amidst Adversity

Bordeaux's 2020 growing season, with its peaks and valleys, provenance of frost threats, and dry spells, could have spelled disaster. However, in these times of strife, the skilled vintners at Chateau Domaine de Chevalier graced us with a symphony of precision viticulture and adept wine-making. Terroir's magic was not lost; on the contrary, it was magnified.


An Investable Wine with Pedigree and Promise

The harmony on display in the ruby glass is nothing short of artistry - whispers of smoke-infused blackcurrant and crushed violet petals interface with a resolute structure reminiscent of classic Bordeaux at its zenith. Yet, there is an undercurrent of modernity. A subtle plushness envelopes the firm tannins like velvet, a hallmark perhaps of this unique climatic year, framing a flavour profile that marries existential depth with virile strength.

Fine wine investors would do well to consider how the 2020 vintage stands as a testament to Pessac-Léognan's age-worthy pedigree. The laudable complexity and meticulous balance present in the 2020 Domaine de Chevalier heralds a future where glass-bound memoirs spark dialogues about the artistry defiant vineyards can achieve even when nature imparts her rigours.

Cherished patrons and ardent collectors, I present to you a stellar entrant to your cellars: the 2020 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier. Let it rest; let it mature for years hence your patience will be repaid with dividends beyond mere pecuniary gain – the return will be one of unparalleled enological delight.

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