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2019 Clinet

By Chateau Clinet

2019 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, Pomerol, Bordeaux

In the verdant heart of Pomerol, the 2019 Clinet from Chateau Clinet articulates the terroir's whispering secrets like few vintages have managed afore. The 2019 release is not merely winespeak; it narrates a season of favourable climatic serendipity. A vintage surely to be contemplated when investing in the future classics of Bordeaux.


Ascendance Amidst Adversity: 2019 Clinet’s Narrative

The year was marked by challenges, from frost in spring to extreme heat in summer. But it was the astute balance of these conditions that defined Pomerol's fruitful narrative for 2019. Here at Chateau Clinet, precision and care elegantly navigated the vintage's caprices, culminating in a wine that speaks with gravitas and finesse.


Distinguished Expression of Terroir

An exemplification of Pomerol’s exalted terroir, the 2019 Clinet evokes meticulous layers that beckon the discerning palate. One uncovers a vivid tapestry intertwining lush dark berries, a touch of aniseed and the savoury embrace of well-integrated oak. Each sip is a testament to the estate's prowess in capturing the éclat that typifies their Merlot-dominated blend amidst increasingly variable seasons.


A Confluence of Experience and Innovation

The technical teams at Chateau Clinet harnessed cutting-edge viticultural approaches coupled with their rich bank of experience to sculpt a wine that not only reflects the year's dichotomous weather but also enchants with its structural harmony and ageing potential.

Investors will note that this particular vintage embodies a promising opportunity; it offers both immediate hedonistic appeal and the capacity for graceful maturation. It sits prudently among those which deftly weave together climatic narrative and viticultural accomplishment into a bottle that is bound for appreciation not solely in sensory delights but also in value over time.

As I contemplate the artistry behind the 2019 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, I am reminded once again of Pomerol’s unique ability to capture both a moment in time and the enduring essence of its environ. With each tasting, this vintage reaffirms its place as an estimable addition to any collection, promising delights now and rewards in longevity.

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The 2019 Clinet is a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, harvested from the 23rd of September to the 3rd of October. The alcohol weighed in at 14.5%. It is aging in French oak barriques, 75% new, using the OXOLINE system in order to minimize stirring. It is expected to age in barrels for 16 months. Opaque purple-black colored, it bursts from the glass with bold scents of ripe black plums, blackberry pie and blueberry compote with an undercurrent of redcurrant jelly, raspberry preserves, licorice, molten chocolate and cardamom with a fragrant waft of red roses. The palate is rich, full-bodied and fantastically opulent, with layers of exotic spices emerging among all the black fruit preserves flavors, framed by velvety tannins and just enough freshness, finishing long and hedonic.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 9 July 2020

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