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1995 Angelus

By Chateau Angelus

1995 Angelus from Chateau Angelus, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

The 1995 vintage of Angelus from the esteemed Chateau Angelus is a beacon of Bordelais excellence, hailing from the revered right bank in Saint-Émilion. The narrative of the 1995 vintage is one marinated in anticipation and fulfilled expectations as it heralded the beginnings of a golden era for Bordeaux wines.


When Time and Terroir Align

In the year of 1995, Chateau Angelus performed a masterstroke. Climatic conditions composed a scenario where a serene autumn followed the summer's intense embrace, gifting the right bank with optimal ripening stages for their precious Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. The finesse woven into this particular vintage springs forth from that harmonious interlude, captured gracefully in every bottle.


The Harmony of Heritage and Investment

With a blend that favours a higher proportion of Merlot, the 1995 Angelus achieves a balance that resonates with richness and complexity. It thrums with an earthy minerality, yet there's still an overarching presence of fruit-driven vivacity – black cherries, plums, along with delicate truffle undertones. For the investor or collector, witnessing the evolution of this wine over time has been nothing short of mesmerising, as tertiary notes unfurl to reveal subtle hints of cigar box and aged leather – qualities that become more pronounced as time ushers in further nuances.

Two-fifths through its expected lifespan, this investment-grade wine dazzles with its ability to steadily amass depth and opulence. It has not just satisfied the palates but also surpassed investment predictions with admirable consistency.


An Angelic Ensemble of Vintage Virtue

A bottle of 1995 Angelus is not simply a vessel of vinous history; it's a symphony where every sensory element finds its voice in perfect harmony. It is this exceptional synergy of inherit qualities and impressive maturation potential that fortifies the 1995 Angelus as one of the choicest picks for passionate collectors and astute investors alike.

Foresight may tell us what vines might produce, but only time reveals the masterpieces they become – the 1995 vintage from Chateau Angelus encapsulates both promise and legacy in equal measure.

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A superb effort in this vintage, Angelus's opaque purple-colored 1995 is a massive, powerful, rich offering with plenty of ripe, sweet tannin. The wine's aromatics include scents of Provencal olives, jammy black cherries, blackberries, truffles, and toast. A very full-bodied wine, it is layered, thick, and pure. This is the most concentrated of the 1995 St.-Emilion premier grand crus. Anticipated maturity: 2002-2025.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #115 Feb 1998


Tasted at Farr Vintners' vertical from ex-chateau magnum. The 1995 dips just below my expectations. It is very deep in colour. The nose (surprisingly) takes more coaxing than the 1996, with secondary aromas beginning to show through: oyster shell, a touch of undergrowth, a hint of wild mushroom and wet tobacco. The palate is full-bodied with quite a rich, dense mid-palate. For me that oak is imparting a touch of dryness but that is but a minor quibble. Impressive, but somehow maybe lacking a little 'soul'. Tasted October 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2012


This is typical 1995 in that it’s young, tannic, masculine and still vigorous and foreboding. This vintage at age 20 seems reluctant to evolve in the most graceful manner possible, but it is still easily holding on to life and still has a fair amount of tannin left to resolve. The wine is concentrated, but will the tannin ever soften to the point where it is well-integrated? This can be drunk now, as the aromatics are enticing and complex. Although, be aware of the tannin clout the wine still possesses. Drink 2017-2030.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2015

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