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1999 Angelus

By Chateau Angelus

1999 Angelus from Chateau Angelus, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of fine Bordeaux wines, the 1999 Angelus from Château Angelus occupies a special niche. It stands as a testament to the tenacity and ingenuity of an estate that has long charmed investors and connoisseurs alike with its profound offerings. My personal chronicles of Château Angelus have only deepened my esteem as I've followed their journey across the vintages.


A Vintage Touched by Challenge and Triumph

The 1999 vintage was met by winemakers with a cautious optimism, as Saint-Emilion navigated through climactic trials that belied the eventual quality of this wine. The unassuming nature of this vintage perhaps makes it one of the most intriguing chapters in the region's narrative—and therein lies a remarkable opportunity for fine wine investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.


Exquisite Composition, Diverse Investment Potential

The gravelly limestone terroir of Saint-Emilion, revered for its mineral-laden embrace, is particularly pronounced in the 1999 Angelus. This remarkable year gave rise to a wine with an earlier maturity curve, yet one that retains the signature depth and complexity expected from Château Angelus. On the palate, one encounters an elegant mélange of delicate red fruits and an earthy undertone laced with ephemeral hints of tobacco and truffle—a true reflection of a poised varietal balance amidst challenging conditions.

A wine shaped by contrast, flippancy is hastily discarded when savouring its meticulous structure. It unfolds with confident tannins dressed in silk—the result of an adept vinification process that captures both the resilience and elegance bestowed by Saint-Emilion's storied soils.

In evaluative terms, the investment case for the 1999 Angelus is buoyed by its unique position within the genre. As a vintage met with scepticism due to the climatic dance of that year, it emerged as a sleeper success—a dark horse endowed with surprising longevity and inviting accessibility sooner than its adjacent brethren.


Summation: A Vintage Worthy of Attention

For those well-versed in investing in wine or new enthusiasts looking to refine their portfolios with judicious choices, consider how the 1999 Angelus from Château Angelus offers both diversity and distinction. Encapsulating a time-capsuled expression of Saint-Emilion grace under pressure, this vintage provides a compelling narrative woven through each sip, earning its place amongst crafted cellars and savvy investments alike.

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Tasted at Farr Vintners' vertical from ex-chateau magnum. The 1999 is showing just a little sur-maturite on the nose with succulent, fleshy red fruit but with touches of raisin and fig that just detracts from the delineation. I just find this a little stewy. The palate is medium-bodied with fleshy, rounded tannins. Harmonious and succulent, but missing a little tension towards the finish. This is a generous Angelus that should drink well over the medium-term, but does not impart a sense of excitement and certainly juxtaposed against the '98 it seems to lack complexity. Tasted October 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2012


Forced to harvest early due to hail, Angelus, surprisingly, has turned out a very good 1999. This wine offers scents of blackberries, licorice, tapenade, and figs. It lacks the length possessed by the great Angelus vintages such as 2000, 1998, 1990, and 1989, but it is ripe, pure, and moderately tannic. Drink it over the next 10-15 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2002

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