Chateau Angelus   Angelus

2001 Angelus

By Chateau Angelus

2001 Angelus from Chateau Angelus, Saint-emilion, Bordeaux

The 2001 Angelus from Chateau Angelus represents not merely a triumph of winemaking prowess but a reflection of a vintage that challenged and yet created something rather extraordinary. The Saint-Emilion plateau, renowned for its ferrous clay and limestone, in 2001, bore witness to a season that teased with capricious weather patterns, eventually delivering a smaller harvest, but one that was intensely concentrated.


Investment-worthy Heritage

Chateau Angelus, a prodigious name whispered reverently in the corridors where oenophiles and investors alike muse over their cellars, consistently crafts wines with formidable aging potential. A meritorious addition to any discerning collector’s portfolio, the 2001 vintage offers a unique opportunity to invest in a year that flirted daringly with climatic adversity yet emerged as one of commendable distinction.


A Tapestry of Terroir Enchantment

The 2001 Angelus articulates its narrative through an intricate ballet of ripe tannins and opulent fruit. It is here we find blackberry and plums pirouetting with nuances of truffle and smoky cedar—a marriage of flavors born out of the struggle and triumph of that year. This vintage reveals more each year, as any storied wine should, unfolding layers of complexity befitting its esteemed heritage. The carefully orchestrated balance between fruit intensity and refined tannic backbone bestows upon this Angelus the integrity to evolve graciously in bottle.

Saint-Emilion's climatic ballet in 2001 bestowed upon the wise vignerons who danced with nature an exquisite choreography captured in the bottles we now treasure. Sophisticated investors recognize the paramount importance of vintages like 2001—those sculpted by nature’s unpredictability yet emerge as testaments to human craft and patience. The 2001 Angelus from Chateau Angelus encapsulates those moments where terroir speaks silently but profoundly—in every sip lies the essence of that remarkable year.

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A real sleeper of the vintage, and somewhat underrated and under the radar after the greatness of 2000, the 2001 Angelus is on a faster evolutionary track than the 2000, but it is a plush, sexy, succulent style of Angelus with a dense plum/purple color, loads of chocolate, blueberry and blackberry fruit, telltale floral scents in the intense fragrance, and a lush, voluptuously textured and opulent mouthfeel. This wine seems to have entered its plateau of maturity, where it should stay for at least another 10-15 years. It is a major sleeper of the vintage.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2015


Tasted at Farr Vintners' vertical from ex-chateau magnum. The Chateau Angelus 2001 has a very fresh, mint-tinged bouquet with fine delineation, with just a touch of dark cherries, Dorset plum and orange peel. Fine delineation and the oak is gradually melting into the fabric of the wine. The palate is medium-bodied with a slightly raw entry. Fresh and vibrant, just a little reserve towards the tannic finish, indeed, as it grows into adolescent it is becoming a self-styled 'classic' Saint Emilion, less sexy but more cerebral than a couple of years ago. Great backbone here, surfeit with freshness and vitality with a touch of spice and white pepper on the aftertaste. Tasted October 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2012


A brilliant performance by Hubert de Bouard, the 2001 Angelus (6,250 cases) is a more restrained and delineated version of the 2000. It has shed much of its tannin, and seems far more evolved and open-knit than I thought prior to bottling. Its deep purple color is followed by a rich nose of creosote, charcoal, blackberries, plums, cassis, and espresso roast. Elegant, medium-bodied, and rich, with a measured ripeness and moderate structure in the pure, nicely proportioned finish, it is less massive than either the 2000 or 2003, yet is also beautifully put together. Anticipated maturity: 2007-2017.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #153 June 2004

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