Chateau Angelus   Angelus

2002 Angelus

By Chateau Angelus

The 2002 Angelus from Chateau Angelus, Saint-emilion, Bordeaux

In the vast ocean of Bordeaux vintages, there rests an island of refinement: the 2002 Angelus from Chateau Angelus. Renowned for its exceptional poise, the 2002 stands out magnificently within the rich tapestry of Saint-emilion's vinous history. This vintage might not summon headlines like the heralded years that flank it—2000 and 2005—but therein lies its understated charm.


Understanding the Vestige of Time and Terroir

The 2002 vintage was a litmus test for Bordeaux's vignerons, presenting a season of contrasts with a capricious climate leading to a heterogenous harvest across the region. Yet, it is precisely these conditions that underscored the intuitive winemaking prowess at Chateau Angelus. The result was a wine that skilfully navigated the climatic challenges—a testament to every astute parcel selection and masterly barrel regimen imparted onto this emblematic blend.


Investment Potential: A Distinguished Journey through Decades

For investors with a discerning palate, the 2002 Angelus offers an intriguing proposition. This sleeper vintage encapsulates a venerable narrative—a demonstration of resilience amidst adversity. Its current evolution displays not only its storied provenance but intricacies that hint at further layers yet to unfurl over time. Coupled with its relatively accessible positioning on the investment ladder, one can appreciate why connoisseurs and collectors alike consider allocations of this vintage with prudent enthusiasm.

A symphony in a glass, the 2002 Angelus exudes elegant aromatics, where ripe black cherries and subtle truffle notes entangle with a whisper of sweet tobacco. On tasting, it reveals an enduring structure; tannins well-integrated, undulating between strength and delicacy—a counterpoint to the quintessential opulence favoured by contemporary palates. Indeed, behind each sip lingers an echo of Saint-emilion's hallowed earth—a terroir eloquent in depth and finesse.

In sum, the 2002 Angelus from Chateau Angelus remains a laudable narrative of mastery over Mother Nature's temperament—enshrining it as one of Bordeaux's grand exemplars for measured investing and drinking pleasure alike.

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A successful offering for the vintage, the 2002 exhibits a deep ruby/purple/plum color as well as a sweet, forward style with black fruits intermixed with espresso roast, lavender, and Provencal herbs. Medium to full-bodied, lush, and round, with fine purity, ripeness, and surprising body and sweetness for a right bank 2002, it can be drunk now or cellared for 12-15 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2005


Tasted at Farr Vintners' vertical from ex-chateau magnum. The bouquet is very well-defined with touches of oyster shell and brambly black fruits, a hint of liquorice and cooked meat. Nice delineation although it would benefit from a little more vigour. The palate is very defined with crisp tannins, quite masculine with fine tannic structure on the rather abrupt finish. The 2002 is a foursquare Angelus compared to others and drinking now. Tasted October 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2012

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