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2019 Ausone

By Chateau Ausone

2019 Ausone from Chateau Ausone, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

The 2019 vintage in Bordeaux was one that defied expectations, with Chateau Ausone introducing an exceptionally distinctive rendition of their legendary expression from the right bank. The 2019 Ausone remarkably underscores the hallmark finesse and complexity for which this venerated estate is revered.


Exquisite Terroir, Exceptional Vintage

In a year marked by meteorological swings, St. Émilion's microclimate cast a protective gaze upon Chateau Ausone’s slopes, yielding a crop that whispers the secrets of its limestone bedrock. This harmony of soil and season has been expertly transcribed into the bottle – a task testifying to the perspicacity of Ausone's winemakers amidst the climatic ballet.


Nuanced Elegance: The Sensory Expedition

Diving into the olfactory delights of the 2019 Ausone, one is immediately greeted by a tapestry of black cherries and violets, elegantly strung together with an ethereal minerality, befitting the wine's noble lineage. As the journey continues upon the palate, each sip reveals multi-layered notes of cassis and subtle spice from judiciously integrated oak, gracefully converging with impeccably refined tannins that promise a future of exceptional poise.

The 2019 vintage seamlessly aligns with Chateau Ausone's storied history yet distinguishes itself with extraordinary balance—a testament to its age-worthy potential. An investment in this vintage not only secures a piece of vinous artistry but also offers an auspicious opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio with a wine supremely positioned for graceful maturation.


An Investment in Liquid Opulence

The 2019 Ausone stands out as an extraordinary embodiment of Saint-Émilion's cherished terroir and Chateau Ausone's unswerving dedication to viticultural excellence. It sits at a unique crossroads of being both strikingly approachable in its youth and brimming with aging potential – an alluring prospect for fine wine investors seeking both immediate gratification and long-term reward.

Without question, sophistication and structure dance together in the 2019 Ausone, setting it apart as one of the most compelling offerings from Bordeaux in this year. Here lies an opportunity to enrich one's cellar with a wine that eloquently articulates the narrative of its origin—a narrative poised to flourish in profundity as the decades unfurl.

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