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1982 Château Beauséjour

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1982 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse from Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse, Saint-emilion, Bordeaux

The 1982 vintage will forever be heralded as a monumental year for Bordeaux, and nestled within this historic narrative rests the 1982 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse from Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse. This wine embodies a fortuitous marriage of climate and craft, representative of an era when nature conspired to elevate the art of viticulture to soaring new heights.


A Guiding Light in Bordeaux's Pantheon

The seasoned collector understands the prowess embodied by the venerable Saint-Emilion grand crus, yet even by such eminent standards, this specific 1982 offering captivates with its own distinguished provenance. The gentle hands at Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse coaxed this vintage into existence amidst an optimal concurrence of climatic serendipity, marrying the endowment of its land with painstaking dedication and nous.


Investment-Worthy Terroir Expression

The season's benevolent weather graced the berries with sun-kissed richness, bestowing upon them a profound depth that decades later still resonates in each sip. On present examination, the wine unveils layers that are at once elusive and pronounced—a tapestry of dark fruits embellished with subtler hints of earthy truffle and tobacco. Its tannic backbone, resolved but assertive, suggests not just buoyancy for continued appreciation, but an almost timeless evocation of that unparalleled year.


Legacy in a Bottle

The 1982 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse stands as a paragon of investment-grade wine—it delivers not simply in terms of sumptuous taste but also as a testament to an exemplary vintage which many a connoisseur aspires to have in their portfolio. Rarely does one encounter such seamless fusion between year and yield; indeed, this bottle encapsulates a beautiful synchrony, assuring it a revered spot among the finest investable wines.



In pursuit of the exceptional within Bordeaux's exalted chambers of vintages, the 1982 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse remains a beacon. This legendary legacy from Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse stands as an enduring symbol of the synergy between temporal grace and enological mastery—a vintage whose value transcends mere pleasure to offer an emblematic asset for sophisticated wine investors worldwide.

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The 1982 Beausejour Duffau surprised me with its youthfulness and tannic ferocity. There is excellent, possibly outstanding concentration behind the wine's tough veneer. Still possessing a healthy dark ruby/purple color with only a hint of garnet and lightening at the edge, the wine's nose offers provocative aromas of over-ripe black fruits, minerals, and leather. Full-bodied and rich, but tannic and atypically austere for a 1982, this is a difficult wine to fully grasp. Will the fruit continue to hold with the tannin softening, thus meriting an even higher rating, or will the wine remain forbiddingly tannic and backward without ever fully developing? I would gamble on it becoming at least excellent, perhaps outstanding - it is just a question of patience. Tasted 3 times after bottling with consistent tasting notes.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 1995

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