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1997 Château Beauséjour

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1997 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse from Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

Positioned on the right bank in the Saint-Emilion appellation, Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse has not faltered in affirming its status amongst collectors and investors alike. Taking a closer look at the 1997 vintage, it gently whispers of an era in Bordeaux where the elements conspired to craft wines that demanded both patience and perspective.


An Epochal Merlot-Centric Marvel

While often overshadowed by its celebrated successors, the 1997 vintage in Bordeaux voiced its unique character through subtle nuances. Amongst these, the 1997 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse diagrams an enchanting narrative of climatic challenges impeccably navigated.

The vintage's growing season was marked by variable weather but meticulous vineyard management and sagacious selection during harvest translated into a wine that pleads for attention. Its hue remains a lively garnet, belying the maturity of its age. The bouquet is a splendid anthology of blackcurrant vitality intertwined with earthy undertones and a whisper of truffle.


Precise Elegance: A Collector's Fancy

The palate is sculpted with a balanced fusion of ripe tannins and residual fruit vivacity, making the 1997 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse an intriguing centrepiece for any astute investor's portfolio. The integration of oak is poised, never overwhelming, lending a hand to spiced cedar notes that dance amongst the backdrop of compelling Merlot and Cabernet Franc complexity. The finish is generous and accompanied by haunting mineral resonance typical of this heralded terroir.

In one’s cellar collection, this wine speaks of a year where precision trumped power, elegance bested exuberance. An investment in such a bottle holds more than liquid assets; it grasps time's narrative, wrapped within layers of vinous intellect and history.


A Resonant Discovery for the Discerning Palate

For those navigating the currents of fine wine investment or simply seeking to enrich their private collection with distinguishable vintages, the 1997 Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse unequivocally merits consideration. As it stands, one does not merely possess a bottle but rather curates an episode from Bordeaux's grand anthology – a testament to resilience and grace in viticulture.

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This wine has turned out to be significantly lighter than expected. Smoky new oak, minerals, and a plum/cherry fruit concoction provide a pretty, elegant, light-styled St.-Emilion exhibiting moderate tannin in the finish. There is good complexity, but little density or depth. Anticipated maturity: now-2008.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 20 April 2000

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