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2000 Chateau Canon

By Chateau Canon

2000 Chateau Canon from Chateau Canon, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

The Millennium offered us a bevy of memorable moments, not least the exceptional 2000 Chateau Canon from the revered Right Bank of Bordeaux. This vintage stands as a testament to the year's benevolent climate and the unwavering commitment of its harbingers to viticultural excellence.


Refinement and Longevity: A Savoir-Faire Display

The grandeur of Saint-Émilion was exquisitely captured in the millennium year through meticulous grape selection and vinification that gave rise to the 2000 Chateau Canon. It is crucial for astute investors to recognise the considerable worth of this particular vintage when diversifying portfolios—a vintage that intertwines prestige with anticipation for future maturation and value appreciation.


Harmonious Balance: A Vintage Testament

At once powerful and poised, the 2000 Chateau Canon emits an olfactory bouquet rich with ripe blackcurrants, hints of plum, and subtle undertones of fresh tobacco. The adroit mélange of Merlot and Cabernet Franc has yielded a complexity matched by a structured yet supple tannic backbone. In tasting, one finds the intoxicating essence of concentrated dark berries harmoniously laced with an elegant minerality—a result of its prime limestone terroir. It is a wine that confidently asserts its place within the impressive lineage of fine Bordeaux vintages.

The climatic conditions leading up to harvest were conducive to an impeccable fruit set; the growing season will be forever noted for its uniformly warm days tempered by cool nights, ensuring an optimal pace of sugar accumulation and phenolic ripeness. These factors played a pivotal role in sculpting the 2000 vintage’s characteristics, rendering its ageing potential nothing short of profound.

For those whose cellars cradle this sterling example of vinous finesse, patience will continue to yield dividends as its narrative unfolds further. Sélectionnez le 2000 Chateau Canon as your next intelligent investment in viticultural virtuosity and watch as it augments both your collection's calibre and financial prospect.

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