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2014 Chateau Canon

By Chateau Canon

2014 Chateau Canon from Chateau Canon, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The 2014 vintage from the storied terroirs of Saint-Emilion has bestowed upon us gems of considerable allure, and amongst them, the 2014 Chateau Canon stands with poise. The diligent work at Chateau Canon has culminated in a vintage that reflects both the might and grace of this historic estate.


A Season of Challenge and Triumph

The year 2014 saw Bordeaux grapple with a roller coaster climate, which, for those like Chateau Canon who deftly navigated it, resulted in a crop with remarkable structure and depth. As holds true for the great vintages, the challenging conditions served as a catalyst for excellence under the measured hand of seasoned viticulturists.

The 2014 Chateau Canon echoes the nuances of its birth year with admirable clarity. Once allowed to breathe, it unfurls an intricate bouquet of black cherries and violets interlaced with an earthy minerality endemic to the limestone bedrock of Saint-Emilion.


Taste Profile: A Study in Elegance

On the palate, this wine exhibits a finesse one seldom finds in such young Bordeaux. It straddles a fine line between youthful vigour and the beginning whispers of maturity. Tannins are supple, having evolved just enough to suggest an approachability that welcomes both immediate indulgence and the promise of enriching further in your cellar.

For those looking to diversify their portfolio with a touchstone vintage or simply enamoured by the allure of fine Saint-Emilion, the 2014 Chateau Canon is an astute consideration for investment. It is a narrative spun from both pedigree and perseverance; a testament to the adaptability that fine winemaking necessitates.

In conclusion, one encounters in this vintage's glass a microcosm of its year: climatic oscillations transforming into eloquence through the artistry at Chateau Canon. An opus captured within each bottle, the 2014 Chateau Canon merits attentive contemplation from investors and connoisseurs alike.

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