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2019 Chateau Canon

By Chateau Canon

2019 Chateau Canon from Chateau Canon, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

Traversing the annals of Bordeaux’s illustrious tapestry, I find the 2019 Chateau Canon from Chateau Canon to be a stirring rendition, encapsulating a vintage that is swiftly gaining acclaim for its structure and vitality. Amid the gentle slopes and ancient limestone of Saint-Émilion, the 2019 vintage has achieved a harmonious expression, distinguished by its precision and charm.


Refinement and Poise: The Hallmarks of 2019

The year 2019 was lauded for its balanced growing season in Bordeaux—a narrative of well-timed rains and ample sunshine, culminating in grapes that bore the precise combination of ripeness and freshness. At Chateau Canon, this bestowed the wine with an enviable composition; a dramaturgy of depth allied to vibrancy.


An Opus in Glass: The 2019 Vintage Experience

On the nose, the 2019 Chateau Canon presents an exquisite bouquet where quintessential scents of blackcurrant and cherry blossom convene with a potpourri of thyme and lavender—each flourish betokening the richness of Saint-Émilion’s terroir. The palate divulges layers of complexity—cassis dancing with darker undertones of plum and subtle hints of espresso bean. Tannins, refined yet assured, exert a sculptural influence on the wine's architecture.

The wine’s poised acidity serves as the cornerstone to its longevity, affirming its investment potential for collectors discerning enough to appreciate its trajectory over time. Cultivated on an estate where expertise is ingrained into every vine, the 2019 Chateau Canon is imbued with an identity that parleys between heritage and contemporary sensibility.

In closing, one finds the essence of the 2019 Chateau Canon as a paragon amongst its peers—a testament to an exceptional vintage that entwines the canonical principles of fine wine with an exhilarating promise for the future. For investors drawn to procurements that elegantly mature as their narratives unfold, this Saint-Émilion marvel stands assertively as one to enshrine within cellars; it ensures whispers amongst connoisseurs will crescendo into laudable praise.

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