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1990 Cheval Blanc

By Chateau Cheval Blanc

1990 Cheval Blanc from Chateau Cheval Blanc, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The enigmatic charm of the 1990 Cheval Blanc from Chateau Cheval Blanc is a testament to a year where Bordeaux reigned supreme in the annals of fine wine production; this particular gem from Saint-Emilion is no exception. The vintage, with its complex interplay of climatic grace, entices connoisseurs and investors alike to ponder the profound depth and elegance that such a year has encapsulated within its bottles.


Heralding a Vintage of Grace and Power

The 1990 Cheval Blanc is a remarkable tableau of the winemaker’s art, combining the robust terroir of Saint-Emilion with a season of optimal conditions, which together crafted a symphony of aromas and flavours. This vintage heralds from a period when moderate spring weather yielded to an impeccably warm summer, allowing for gradual yet thorough ripening of the grapes—merlot and cabernet franc intertwining splendidly.


Investing in Liquid Artistry

A semblance of liquid nobility, the 1990 Cheval Blanc offers an exquisite poise that is both an ornate masterpiece for the palate and an astute asset for fine wine investment portfolios. In an era where diversification into tangible luxury assets is ever more present, this bottle retains its esteemed place in collections globally.

Attributed with a sensory profile that exudes rich layers of ripe red fruits wrapped in an aromatic pantheon of earthy truffles and sensuous forest floor, one uncovers subtle hints of spice and tobacco as it unfolds majestically in the glass—a tasting journey evocative of Saint-Emilion's lush vignettes.

In summary, as we dispense adulation to this exceptional nectar, the 1990 Cheval Blanc reveals itself to be one of those remarkable vintages where climate, care, and craft coalesced into an opus magnus. Its legacy befits its storied provenance from Chateau Cheval Blanc, compelling fine wine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the historic splendour that is so competently encapsulated in each bottle. For those considering an investment in vinous treasures, anchoring one's portfolio with such superlative editions will always remain an intelligent ode to taste and timelessness.

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One of my favorite Cheval Blancs, it remains to be seen if the 1998, 2000, and 2008 will live up to this offering. It is the ripest wine of the aforementioned vintages, with a complex bouquet of tobacco leaf, Christmas fruitcake, sweet black fruits, bordering on fig and plum, but no hint of overripeness, and notions of new saddle leather, mint, and incense. The gorgeously expressive aromatics are followed by a full-bodied wine revealing abundant glycerin as well as elevated alcohol, but it is not hot, and nothing is out of place. Expansive, rich, and revealing the nuances and complexity that come from bottle age, it is at its peak of maturity where it should remain for another 10-15 years. Release price: ($3000.00/case)

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #183 June 2009


The 1990 Cheval Blanc is fast becoming my favorite modern-day vintage of this Saint Emilion estate and perhaps the 1990 is now exiting the slip-steam of the feted 1982. This is unequivocally a brilliant wine. The nose holds nothing back, a line of senses all doing the conga towards your olfactory senses: macerated dark cherries, exotic kirsch-like aromas, leather, mahogany bureau, touches of crème de cassis and herbs all vie for attention. The palate is full-bodied and cloaked in a silky, velvety texture that leaves you a little ga-ga. There is so much fruit ram-packed into the bravura of a finish. Moreover, there's just so much joie-de-vivre and decadence in this wine, but it never seems overpowering or ostentatious. This bottle came from perfect provenance, as it was served blind by winemaker Pierre Lurton at a private dinner hosted by a mutual friend in Bordeaux. Tasted March 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 28 July 2016


This is really wonderful and a big surprise for the tasting with wonderful flowers, dark berries and hints of currants on the nose. It's full and very silky with a wonderful precision and finesse. Goes on and on. Wow. What a finish. This is a buy call. So outstanding. Just a baby but a joy to drink.

James Suckling -, March 27th 2012


This is undeniably a great Cheval Blanc, though whether it has the class and sophistication of the '85 is another matter. As anticipated it has a rich, decadent nose with ripe blackberry, dates, mulberry and liquorice. A gregarious bouquet. The palate is full-bodied, showy and perhaps in the company of the '85, 'vulgar'. But it is still delightful with layers of ripe black fruits, grippy tannins, evolving a savoury touch with its sumptuous Pomerol-like finish. Exotic, fat, in-ya-face

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2008

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