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2014 Cheval Blanc

By Chateau Cheval Blanc

2014 Cheval Blanc from Chateau Cheval Blanc, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the realm of fine wines, certain vintages raise the benchmark ever so subtly, yet indisputably. The 2014 Cheval Blanc from the esteemed Chateau Cheval Blanc is one such entrant. As a maven of vintage vicissitudes, I have found this particular year to be redolent with promise and peculiarity.


The Pinnacle of Prowess: A Study of Terroir and Time

The harvest of 2014 in Saint-Émilion was marked by a succession of climatic blessings after a challenging summer. The saving grace came in the form of an Indian summer that bestowed its munificence upon the ripening grapes. This window of clemency is etched into the very essence of the 2014 Cheval Blanc, conferring it with a sophistication that resides in that liminal space between classic structure and aromatic magnanimity.


Wise Investing: Patience and Potential Unlocked

You will note, upon decanting, that this 2014 legacy carries an aristocratic poise; it has the kind of refined dignity one might expect from such a lineage. Its bouquet unfurls with nuanced berries — think blackcurrants softened by a hint of raspberry — and an underlying earthiness that is evocative of the Saint-Émilion terroir. On the palate, there is a tapestry woven with fine tannins and an acidity which bespeaks its capacity to age with grace. The balance here is impeccable; a harmonious blend achieved by merlot's plushness tempered by cabernet franc's spine.

For connoisseurs considering the inclusion of this wine within their investment portfolio, understand that the 2014 Cheval Blanc imbues both cellar and ledger with unmistakable prestige. It is one to watch as it matures, carrying as it does the potential to flourish within favourable market winds.

In closing, I assert that the opulence embodied in this liquid treasure rests not just in its current profile but in its journey ahead. As time marches forward and its layers unfurl, the 2014 vintage from Chateau Cheval Blanc will undoubtedly emerge as a paragon among peers, discernible for its particular dance of climate-touched opulence held taut by vinous expertise.

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Medium garnet colored, the 2014 Cheval Blanc is still looking very youthful and wearing a bit of puppy fat, sporting gregarious red and black cherries notes with hints of oolong tea, wilted roses and dusty soil. Medium-bodied with firm, chewy tannins and plenty of freshness supporting the lively fruit, it finishes on a lingering perfumed note.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 31 August 2018


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