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2019 Cheval Blanc

By Chateau Cheval Blanc

2019 Cheval Blanc from Chateau Cheval Blanc, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the tapestry of Bordeaux vintages, the 2019 offering from the iconic Chateau Cheval Blanc embraces the stage with both a delicate touch and audacious complexity. This year at Saint-Émilion was one marked by Mother Nature's gentle hand, leading to a wine that promises to dance on the palates of investors and connoisseurs alike, balancing investment prudence and sensory delight in a harmonious milieu.


A Vintage to Remember

To speak of the 2019 Cheval Blanc is to recount a season of favourable serendipities; a quiver of climatic fortune that has led to an enviable equilibrium in the bottle. A cool spring gave way to a summer that was both warm and dry without beseeching the extremes, allowing the Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines typical of this château to yield fruit of remarkable poise.


Assaying the Elixir

The character of the 2019 Cheval Blanc is an anthology of precision where consistency and surprise cavort. There exists within its depth a marvellous interplay between ripe, dark fruits and an ever-present freshness that bespeaks its noble heritage. On the palate, it unfurls like tapestry silk, enchanting with velvety tannins that seduce rather than overwhelm—hints of black cherry, tobacco, and spice box articulate themselves with aplomb within this structured yet brilliantly supple silhouette.

Maturation in fine French oak barrels has bestowed upon it aromas that evoke an evening promenade through an autumnal forest, with undernotes hinting at a graceful ageing potential—a beckoning call for those looking to augment their cellars.

Investment-wise, Chateau Cheval Blanc's 2019 vintage emerges as a paragon blend. It offers enthusiasts a beacon of stability—a vintage year where nature's favour has been amply ladled. Opportunity knocks for those who would seek to entwine their portfolios with this wine's anticipated accolade-rich trajectory.


In Summation

The 2019 Cheval Blanc, with its opulent curtain call, stands as a testament not just to its own excellence but also to the stewardship under which it has thrived. Herein lies a vintage with ample allure for those discerning collectors aiming to elevate their holdings with prestige and anticipating joy. And so, as I have often found in my four decades amidst the vine rows and cellars, some years are whispers; this one roars.

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