Chateau Cheval Blanc   Le Petit Cheval

2005 Le Petit Cheval

By Chateau Cheval Blanc

2005 Le Petit Cheval from Château Cheval Blanc, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the revered wine-growing canvas of Saint-Émilion, the 2005 vintage stands as an epitome of excellence and the Le Petit Cheval from Château Cheval Blanc achieves a captivating articulation of that year's narrative. A younger sibling to the eminent Grand Vin, this vintage beams with a vivacity that is emblematic of that annus mirabilis.


A Reflection of a Stellar Year

The fateful year of 2005 graced Bordeaux with climatic munificence, allowing winemakers to orchestrate a symphony of flavors with exceptional balance. The 2005 Le Petit Cheval reflects these fortunate conditions in its robust structure and lush fruit-forward profile that still resonates with vigor even after years of careful maturation.

Laden with the trademarks of merlot and cabernet franc, this blend offers a tapestry where dark cherries, blackberries, and a hint of plum delicately intertwine with subtle impressions of spice and earth—an olfactory mosaic that demands contemplation. On the palate, it unravels layers of complexity while affirming its pedigree through polished tannins enlivened by an enduring finish, a testament to the remarkable potential for aged finesse.


A Vintage to Savor and Invest

July's heat and August's providential evening coolness served the 2005 harvest at Château Cheval Blanc well, branding it as an envoy for long-term cellar guardianship. Le Petit Cheval demonstrates why wine aficionados regard this vintage as one for investment—its eloquence in youth now yielding to a sage wisdom that enriches every glass.

Integral to any seasoned investor’s portfolio, this selection embodies the promise of appreciating value, tethered not only to its intrinsic quality but also to its heritage and the celebrated vintage that supremely sheltered its evolution.


Connoisseur Chronicles:

Imbued with depth, the 2005 Le Petit Cheval is undoubtedly one of those Bordeaux gems that substantiates both its estate's renown and the exalted status of its vintage. With each passing year, it embroiders more intricately onto the fabric of fine wine legacy—a narrative worth investing in, savoring, and revering.

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Tasted single blind at Southwold. This has really turned out much better than I thought when tasted blind. The nose is very closed, black earthy fruits with a touch of liquorices. Muffled. Good structure, a little Cabernet Franc in here? Nice cedar quality, fine tannins, focused and masculine towards the blackberry finish. Good length. Good breeding and purity. Drink 2010-2020. Tasted January 2009.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2009


Cheval Blanc’s second wine, the 2005 Le Petit Cheval, possesses some of the character of its bigger sibling. Revealing a slight green streak among the cranberry and black cherry fruit along with medium body and a soft, plush texture, it is ideal for drinking over the next decade.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2008

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