Chateau Cheval Blanc   Le Petit Cheval

2014 Le Petit Cheval

By Chateau Cheval Blanc

2014 Le Petit Cheval from Château Cheval Blanc, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the annals of fine Bordeaux, the 2014 vintage stood as a testament to resilience and deft craftsmanship. In a year that challenged vignerons with capricious weather patterns, the 2014 Le Petit Cheval from Château Cheval Blanc emerges as a symbol of finesse and adaptability in Saint-Émilion.


A Vintage Graced by an Autumn Miracle

The journey of the 2014 Le Petit Cheval was nothing short of a vinous odyssey, marked by a dichotomy between a cool, wet start and an astonishingly warm and sunny September and October. This providential climatic turnaround at the cusp of harvest has etched its signature across this wine's character.

The precision of fruit selection and vinification by the esteemed team at Château Cheval Blanc yielded a wine that is elegantly redolent of fresh red berries and blackcurrant, underlain by subtle earthy nuances reminiscent of Saint-Émilion's storied terroir. Graceful yet with an underlying strength, the tannins of the 2014 Le Petit Cheval exhibit the year's late ripening potential—they are silkily integrated, crafting a harmonious structure that forecasts a promising future for investors with an eye for excellence.


Finding Harmony Amidst Adversity

Investors considering adding the 2014 Le Petit Cheval to their curated portfolio will find an asset reflecting the reward of patience and expertise—the embodiment of how storied winemakers can triumph over nature's whims. A relevant investment proposition arises when a wine crystallizes its year's story; doing so renders it an edition with both provenance and narrative.

For connoisseurs seeking exemplars of refined claret capable of flourishing through careful cellaring, the 2014 Le Petit Cheval serves as an auspicious choice. With its poised expression and balance achieved amidst Bordeaux’s fickle climate of that year, it is unparalleled in demonstrating how meticulous stewardship can coax forth a vintage reflective of both its challenges and triumphs.

In summation, while including one singular variable—the 2014 vintage—the identity of this Le Petit Cheval professes a tale not just of weathered storms but also of mastery over elements. It stands as a collectible candidate with broad appeal for those who understand the long-term language spoken between vine and bottle.

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The 2014 Le Petit Cheval, a blend of 52% Merlot and 48% Cabernet Franc, has a crisp, tightly wound bouquet with blackberry, black olive (as per its primeur sample) and a subtle estuarine undercurrent that becomes more conspicuous with aeration. The palate is medium-bodied with sappy red berry fruit intermingling with white pepper, clove and a pinch of Chinese five spice. It has moderate depth, a sense of approachability in that the tannins do not really grip the mouth, and the latter half appears appealingly smooth and harmonious. There are no rough edges here, just a touch of frisson on the saline finish. Very fine, a Saint Emilion Deuxième Vin to drink over the next decade.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 March 2017

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