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2020 Chateau Figeac

By Chateau Figeac

2020 Chateau Figeac from Chateau Figeac, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

In the ever-dynamic world of Bordeaux winemaking, certain years assert themselves with a quiet authority that presages their longevity and desirability. Such is the case with the 2020 Chateau Figeac from Chateau Figeac, destined to become a prized entity in fine wine investment portfolios.


A Testament to Time: The 2020 Vintage

While the name 'Figeac' is synonymous with consistent quality, the 2020 vintage emerges as an extraordinary expression of this illustrious estate's vineyards. Anointed by a growing season that conjured both challenges and triumphs, 2020 bore witness to meteorological vagaries which, under the sagacious stewardship of the Chateau Figeac team, have been transmuted into vinous gold.

Climatic contrasts throughout the year coaxed out a character in the 2020 vintage that aficionados will find reminiscent of the revered 2016 – yet uniquely its own. A crescendo of balanced rainfall and beaming sunlight during crucial growth periods fostered grapes that speak both of resilience and grace. This climatic roulette has imbued the wine with a layered complexity rarely glimpsed so early in its development.

The bouquet of this vintage carries the emblematic dark fruit aromatics expected from top-tier Saint-Emilion wines but introduces an ethereal ensemble of floral nuances, hinting at violets and peonies. On the palate, it exhibits a rich tapestry of flavours; cassis, ripe cherries and blackberries are interlaced with subtle notes of fresh tobacco leaves and wet stone minerality - a testament to its distinguished terroir.


Vintage and Vigour: The Investment Perspective

For investors, the allure is clear: this wine possesses both an immediate sophistication and the skeletal structure to mature exquisitely. This balance points towards a promising future where demand may well outstrip supply – a condition coveted in fine wine investments.

It is worth noting that in making assessments surrounding investment viability in fine wine, one must consider the vintage's unique narrative - for it is here that we discern true potential. Fluctuations in environmental factors coupled with Chateau Figeac's venerated viticulture practices have culminated in this standout 2020 vintage that commands attention.

To invest in a bottle of 2020 Chateau Figeac is to lay claim to an artefact from a vintage already marked as memorable. One can only expect it to transcend its current stature as time grafts even deeper complexity into its current charm.

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The 2020 Figeac is a blend of 37% Merlot, 32% Cabernet Franc and 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, weighing in with an alcohol of 13.9% and a pH of 3.7. Opaque purple-black colored, it bursts from the glass with a beautifully vibrant initial wave of pure, pristine black fruits: fresh black cherries, juicy black plums and ripe blackcurrants. With swirling, a whole array of floral and spice notes is unleashed: lavender, ground cloves, cumin seed, cardamom and rose oil. The medium-bodied palate is surprisingly graceful for the intensity of aromas, featuring ethereal, perfumed black berry notes, framed by a seamless line of freshness and ripe, grainy tannins, finishing on a lingering fragrant earth note. Far more cerebral and quietly introspective than it is hedonic, this could only be Figeac.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 28 May 2021

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