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2019 La Mondotte

By Chateau La Mondotte

2019 La Mondotte from Chateau La Mondotte, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

Unveiling the 2019 vintage from Chateau La Mondotte presents an opportunity to divine the nuances that make this year's offering stand apart in the pantheon of Bordeaux's revered creations. The particular climatic conditions have endowed the 2019 La Mondotte with distinct attributes, creating a tapestry of flavour that speaks not only to the exceptional terroir of Saint-Émilion but also to the masterful stewardship of the vines throughout an unpredictable season.


Genteel Power: A Vintage of Paradoxes

At every sip, 2019 La Mondotte commands a presence on the palate, much akin to contemplating a famed symphonic masterpiece—where each instrumental tone is singularly perceptible yet unfurls in harmonious concert. It is a vintage encapsulating elegance and vigour in a genteel dance that is as compelling as it is memorable in Bordeaux's rich chronicle of vintages.


Architects of Climate: The 2019 Narrative

The narrative of 2019 was penned by capricious weather patterns, crafting a prelude in which the vines emerged stoically from hesitant spring warmth, only to revel under a summer sun that performed with unabashed intensity. It is within these chapters of climatic prose that the essence of 2019 La Mondotte's singularity can be traced—a confluence of vibrant fruit characteristics and refined tannic structure.

The tasting reveals an ambrosial array of dark cherries and succulent plums layered with an intriguing hint of star anise and smouldering cigar box. This alluring mosaic is elegantly enlivened by a line of minerality, a testament to the limestone-rich soils endemic to this part of Saint-Émilion.

With such profound complexity and balance, this vintage invites fine wine investors to delve endlessly into its depths. Its poised architecture bespeaks considerable cellar worthiness while casting promises of yielding even greater pleasures as its chapters unfold over time.


Capturing Essence: The Investment Aphorism

Embarking upon an investment in the 2019 La Mondotte is reflective of foreseeing the appreciation of an artwork; one where intrinsic craftsmanship is overlaid by the painter's rare intuition for their medium—in this instance, nature's caprices. The 2019 vintage from Chateau La Mondotte undeniably merits close consideration for devotees seeking to add not just a wine but a storyteller to their collection—a chronicler not only of its own origins but also of those who will have the patience and insight to await its unfolding narrative.

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Deep garnet-purple colored, the 2019 La Mondotte needs a little coaxing before bursting onto the scene with flamboyant scents of plum pudding, blueberry compote, blackberry pie and red roses. Further swirling reveals provocative, emerging notes of sandalwood, cracked black pepper, baker's chocolate, unsmoked cigars and crushed rocks plus a waft of black truffles. The medium to full-bodied palate is an exercise in poise and sophistication, featuring the most exquisitely ripe, velvety tannins and amazing freshness, beautifully countering the intense blue and black fruit layers, finishing with epic length and loads of mineral sparks. Breathtaking!

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 18 June 2020

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