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2019 Chateau Valandraud

By Chateau Valandraud

2019 Chateau Valandraud from Chateau Valandraud, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The 2019 vintage of Chateau Valandraud stands as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its makers. Crafted in a year that presented myriad challenges, including frost and heatwaves, this offering from the illustrious Chateau Valandraud reflects yet another triumph against the caprices of nature.


A Vintage with Character

The terroir of Saint-Emilion was put to the test in 2019, compelling vintners to deploy their expertise to its fullest. Notwithstanding these trials, Chateau Valandraud emerged with a vintage marked by its sophisticated structure and exquisite balance—a magnet for discerning wine investors.

The quintessence of the 2019 epoque is captured in the wine's rich tapestry of flavours: a vibrant blend that entwines ripe blackberries and plum, with subtle hints of violets and earthiness. Oak integration is masterfully executed, enhancing complexity without overshadowing the wine's intrinsic character. It's a profile that whispers of longevity and promises substantial rewards for those who have the patience to cellar.


Investment Worthiness: The Allure of the 2019 Vintage

Considering the investment angle, the allure of the 2019 vintage from Chateau Valandraud resides not only in its exceptional quality but also in its relative scarcity due to climatic challenges. This factor alone augments its appeal to investors and collectors alike, who treasure both flavour distinction and rarity in their acquisitions.

Charged with an inner brilliance and polished finesse, this wine is poised to ascend in stature as it matures. Its inviting tannins and well-integrated acidity presage exceptional ageing potential—an attribute high on the checklists of wine investors searching for collectables with futures as luminous as their past.


The Essence of Elegance: Final Impressions

The 2019 Chateau Valandraud from Saint-Emilion’s Bordeaux region demonstrates that adversity can indeed birth excellence. As each sip reveals its layered complexity and poised elegance, we are reminded of the deft craftsmanship that rightly positions this bottle as one highly investable commodity. It is an embodiment of an era cleaved by climatic extremities yet overcame through culture and expertise—a narrative woven into every glassful.

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Deep purple-black colored, the 2019 Valandraud sings of freshly crushed black plums, warm blackberries and black cherry coulis with nuances of lavender, cinnamon stick, clove oil and aniseed with a fragrant waft of candied violets. Full-bodied, the palate is both densely laden with concentrated black fruits and wonderfully refreshing, with a firm backbone of velvety tannins, finishing with lingering exotic spice sparks.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 18 June 2020

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