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2020 Chateau Valandraud

By Chateau Valandraud

2020 Chateau Valandraud from Chateau Valandraud, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The enigmatic 2020 vintage from Chateau Valandraud rises like a regal statesman amongst the patchwork of venerable Saint-Emilion estates. For the discerning collector and investor alike, this particular year denotes a summation of experience, technique, and environmental synergy, ensuring it's a vintage that indeed merits closer attention.


Eloquent Expression of an Extraordinary Harvest

Taking nature's proffered bounty in 2020, with its sporadic climatic gifts, the team at Chateau Valandraud harnessed a season of superb balance. The mercurial elements – warm days countered by cool nights – have catalysed into a wine of splendid tension and vitality. Indeed, one finds in the glass an intricate lattice of ripe black fruits intricately layered with the botanical whispers of thyme and lavender, signatures of its Bordeaux lineage.


Precision Winemaking Mirroring Nature's Choreography

Winemaking approaches shift with the subtleties of every vintage to echo each season's idiosyncrasies. The 2020 vintage from Chateau Valandraud is no exception. Here we discover the esoteric melding of precision and patience; the deliberate pace at which this wine has been cultivated speaks to a sensitivity for the year's tenor. It is in the gentle oak influence that one perceives a respectful nod to tradition while perpetually evolving practices elevate it to modern nuances.

Evidence lies snug within the tannins — structured yet pliant, promising not only immediate allure but also significant ageing potential — an assured aspect for investment contemplation.


A Wine Touched by Temperate Winds and Investment Wisdom

The vintner's art is never more apparent than in challenging vintages, and with 2020 Chateau Valandraud, we see a wine precociously embracing its destiny. Those who invest in this fluid art will find not just a repository for their capital but also a sensory portfolio that chronicles an exceptional chapter in Bordeaux winemaking.

In summary, what sets apart the 2020 Chateau Valandraud are its innate elegance and intrinsic staying power; a culmination of factors that underscore its worthiness as not just an oenological triumph but also an asset with tangible promise. Let your collection be graced by this nuanced expression of Saint-Emilion terroir, capturing a moment in time that is sure to edify both palate and portfolio.

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Opaque purple-black colored, the 2020 Valandraud bursts with scents of crushed black plums, boysenberries and blackberry preserves, followed by hints of dusty soil, garrigue and clove oil. The medium to full-bodied palate delivers a lot of energetic, crunchy black fruits with a lively backbone and beautifully ripe, rounded tannins, finishing long and fragrant.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 20 May 2021

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