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1998 Le Dome

By Le Dome

1998 Le Dome from Le Dome, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France

Amidst the pantheon of illustrious Bordeaux vintages, the 1998 Le Dome from Le Dome manifests a character steeped in intrigue, resolved to unfold its narrative upon the palates of discerning connoisseurs. As a vintage defined by a climatic dualism with a challenging spring yet a reprieving summer, it presented winemakers with a gamut of trials and triumphs.


A Testament to Terroir and Temperament

The 1998 vintage in Saint-Émilion displayed resilience that culminated in wines of remarkable concentration and depth. True to its roots in the right bank of Bordeaux, the 1998 Le Dome showcases the distinct capabilities of Cabernet Franc in expressing terroir under climatic tensions. Its elegant structure is adorned with layers of complexity that are reflective not only of its esteemed pedigree but also the environmental tapestry of its annum.


Finesse in Framework: The Investment-calibre Vintage

Twenty-five years post-harvest, the 1998 Le Dome now articulates an evolved finesse. Dark fruits interlace with earthen undertones in a balletic performance that both intrigues and captivates. For enthusiasts and investors alike, the vintage's robust constitution portends a longevity that makes it one of the more strategic additions to any cellar focusing on wine investment.

Within this treasure from Le Dome, tertiary notes are now emergent - truffles and a hint of cigar box, augmenting not only depth but width in its flavour spectrum. Cursory sips suggest an unwavering core still flush with vitality, suggesting further potential for maturation.


An Epitome Etched in Time

As we discern the evolved and exquisite temperament etched into every bottle of 1998 Le Dome from Le Dome, we find a wine that confidently assumes its place amongst treasured Bordeaux vintages. It remains one of the pivotal illustrations of what makes for an investable wine - providence married to potential. The 1998 vintage encapsulates not just the spirit of Saint-Émilion but also the fortitude and flair of Le Dome itself. To partake in its story is to understand an important chapter in wine history.

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