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2003 Le Dome

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2003 Le Dome from Le Dome, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France

The year 2003 bestowed upon the connoisseurs of Saint-Emilion a vintage that challenged the quintessence of Bordeaux's intricate tapestry of vineyards. Amidst this climatic maelstrom, the 2003 Le Dome from Le Dome standeth as a testament to the artistry of winemaking in adverse conditions. It was a year that demanded resilience—both from the vines that bore the fruit and from the vignerons that exacted its fullest potential.


A Vintage Distilled from Duress

The summer's relentless heatwave surged across the bordelaise landscape, prompting an accelerated maturation within the cherished Cabernet Franc crests that hallmark Le Dome’s vineyards. Inextricably interwoven with its roots in the earth, this grape variety, dictating much of the blend, rose admirably to the climate's gauntlet, forging an exceptional vintage.


An Enigmatic Expression for Investors

For astute collectors and investors in fine wines, the 2003 vintage proposes an enigmatic chapter in Saint-Emilion’s history. The 2003 Le Dome radiates with a distinctive richness—a concentration of flavours imprinted by an extraordinary season. Blackberries married to subtle hints of licorice swell against an oak-enveloped palate, furnishing a complexity and persistence most compelling in wines that promise longevity.

Vigilantly crafted to surmount 2003's ferocious climate, this particular vintage beholds an intriguing investment opportunity. It speaks of vigour and refinement; qualities that are sought vigorously in circles where provenance and performance are measured with equal ardour.

The parable of 2003 is etched into every bottle of Le Dome from Le Dome —a narrative oscillating between force of nature and finesse of human endeavour. This expressive vintage transcends beyond its birthright adversity to enchant the discerning investor with a wine imbued with personality and promise.



The 2003 Le Dome intimates at both rarity and resilience, making it not only a prized component in collectors' repositories but also a potentially valuable asset for portfolios looking towards venerable vintages with a story. In essence, it is as much an acquisition for investment as it is for indulgence, shaping both legacy and delight as it gracefully ages within cellars' sanctums.

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The final blend for the 2003 Le Dome was 73% Cabernet Franc and 27% Merlot. This is another shockingly great 2003 that is close to full maturity. It reveals a brilliant combination of power and complexity. The deep plum/garnet color shows no lightening, and the wine exhibits supple tannins, a voluptuous texture, and notes of forest floor, blueberries, raspberries and mulberries. Ripe, but not over-the-top, this offering was aged in 100% new oak, but you would never know that given the fact that any evidence of oak has been pushed to the background except for a trace of espresso. This brilliant, impeccably made wine is a spectacular success in this vintage. It should drink well for 6-10 more years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2014

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