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2005 Le Dome

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2005 Le Dome from Le Dome, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The Saint-Emilion masterpiece, 2005 Le Dome from Le Dome, commands both attention and admiration in the pantheon of fine Bordeaux vintages. This release stands as a singular chapter in the annals of this esteemed estate, encapsulating both the brilliance of the season and the nuanced craftsmanship on offer.


Understanding the 2005 Vintage

The climatic serendipity of 2005 bestowed upon Bordeaux's vineyards an extraordinarily balanced growing season. Warm, dry days and cool evenings led to optimal phenolic ripeness and acidity in the grapes—a symphony of conditions that is artfully expressed in the 2005 Le Dome. Crafted predominantly from Cabernet Franc with a touch of Merlot, this wine radiates the meticulous poise of its creators and a friendship with time that reveals itself in each glass poured.


A Sensory Chronicle

At first approach, the bouquet unveils an orchestra of aromatics with cassis, pencil shaving, and minty overtures leading the cadence. Upon savoring a sip, one is greeted by an expanse of complexity. Blackberry fruits mix with subtle hints of espresso and spices, delivering waves upon waves of voluptuous refinement. Tannins—assured yet silky—dance alongside a robust structure, indicative of a vintage that promises longevity and demands contemplation.

The persistence on the palate denotes not only an impeccable balance but also an exemplary snapshot of Saint-Emilion terroir in harmony with ideal seasonal temperament. The enviable equilibrium etched into every aspect of this wine is a testament to its investment-worthy stature.


Conclusion: A Vintage Imbued with Distinction

As time procures more depth and wisdom for this majestic offering, collectors and connoisseurs will find in the 2005 Le Dome from Le Dome a Bordeaux investment with gratifying potential both on the palate and in portfolio value. Its transcendence beyond the ephemeral natures one may find in other vintages, securing its place firmly among the most memorable of expressions to emerge from Saint-Emilion's shores.

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From the famous flagship estate of Jonathan Malthus, this wine normally has about 75% or more Cabernet Franc in the blend and the rest Merlot. With the great aromatic expression of the vintage, the 2005 Le Dôme offers up a smashing fireworks-like display of spring flowers, blueberries, forest floor, raspberries and cherries. Dense purple in color, medium to full-bodied, light on its feet, but super-intense and rich, this wine performed fabulously well, and is one of the superstars and profound efforts of the vintage. It is actually somewhat approachable, which is not always the case with many 2005s. Drink it over the next 20 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015

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