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2012 Le Dome

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The 2012 Le Dome from Le Dome, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The 2012 vintage of Bordeaux has always captivated my palate with its distinctiveness, particularly in Saint-Emilion, where the jewel that is the 2012 Le Dome from Le Dome emanates its glory. This particular growing season skirted between challenges and blessings, ultimately rewarding those winemakers who navigated its nuances with superior skill.


A Pertinent Vintage Worth Investing In

The investment potential of the 2012 Le Dome cannot be understated. An astute combination of delicate care in viticulture and proficiency in vinification characterises this vintage, making it one to acquire for savvy collectors. Amidst a climatically erratic year, where care was paramount to protect the grapes' integrity, Le Dome's small parcel vineyard of predominantly Cabernet Franc (80%) coupled with a thoughtful touch of Merlot (20%) derived a masterpiece that reverberates with complexity and finesse.


Distinct Attributes of 2012 Embraced by Le Dome

The cooler conditions bestowed upon 2012 an emphasis on freshness and structure over opulence. The elegance woven throughout the tasting journey of this wine reflects the year’s gentle ripening period. It delivers a tapestry of black cherry and cassis notes complemented by hints of violet and tobacco leaf, enveloping the robust framework that Cabernet Franc bestows. A generous yet disciplined use of oak adds tiers of savoury spice and a velvety finish that is both persistent and evocative.

Le Dome's precision in manifesting the peculiarities of 2012 translates into a wine whose palatable narrative is penned with firm tannins and an acidity that promises ample longevity. Those fortunate enough to hold it within their investment portfolio will witness it unfold superbly over time.


Concluding Affirmation

In sum, the 2012 Le Dome from Le Dome stands as a testament to the triumphs possible amidst Bordeaux's challenges. This Saint-Emilion marvel not only captures the essence of its fine terroir but also encapsulates the adaptive artistry necessary to cultivate investment-worthy wines that surpass years of climatic fickleness. One can affirm without reservation that it resonates as one to watch and an advantageous addition to any collector's cellar.

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This St.-Emilion (1,000 cases), which has a very high percentage of Cabernet Franc (80%, which is much higher than Cheval Blanc or Ausone) has always been the flagship wine of proprietor Jonathan Malthus. The 2012 has a dense ruby/purple color and plenty of raspberry and blueberry fruit intermixed with spring flower garden notes, which are followed by a medium-bodied wine with stunning elegance, purity and minerality. It is not the biggest wine, but the quality of the fruit, the complex nuances, and overall equilibrium make for a very special Bordeaux to drink over the next 15 or so years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2015

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