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2014 Le Dome

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2014 Le Dome from Le Dome, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the tapestry of Bordeaux vintages, the 2014 Le Dome from Le Dome takes pride of place with its distinctive expression of both time and terroir. The year 2014 was marked by a serendipitous Indian summer in Saint-Émilion, which imbued the grapes with optimal maturity while preserving their vivacious acidity—a dichotomy that mirrors life itself.


An Investment in Terroir and Time

The confluence of developmental strides in viticulture and a generous September granted the 2014 vintage an unusual edge—an investment in windswept character, if you will. Upon decanting, the wine unravels its rich tapestry: a complex nose trumpeting bold aromas of dark fruits layered over a bedrock of earthy minerality which are hallmarks of the Saint-Émilion limestone.


A Vintage Reflecting Resilience and Reward

As I recall my visit to the vineyards, the vigneron expressed his initial concerns about the unpredictability of that year's climate, concerns ultimately allayed by the resulting vintage. On the palate, the 2014 Le Dome flaunts impeccable structure, an orchestra composed of vibrant tannins and a chorus echoing Cabernet Franc's famed herbaceous whispers. Its poised balance makes it particularly attractive for enlightened oenophiles seeking both intellectual and hedonistic pleasure.

Savouring this wine is akin to perusing a gallery of autumnal landscapes—each sip reveals shaded depths intertwined with glimmers of warm sunlight. In investment terms, possessing the 2014 Le Dome reveals sagacity; it's a statement piece in any collection—a blend of potential growth and immediate gratification.


Conclusion: A Toast to Astute Selection

Indeed, for investors seeking a wine that encapsulates both Bordeaux's resilience in a challenging year and the reward for such endurance, 2014 Le Dome represents an eminent choice. One not only delights in its current harmony but can also anticipate its evolution with grace—an embodiment of winemaking alchemy worthy of thoughtful curation.

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Tim Atkin - TimAtkin.com (04/2015)


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Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate


The 2014 Le Dôme was tasted directly after its lieutenant, the Vieux Château Mazerat, and to be frank I found that the latter had overtaken the Le Dôme in its slipstream. Sure, the Le Dôme comes replete with attractive black cherry, allspice and black truffle aromas, although I discerned more complexity conferred upon the Vieux Château Mazerat. The palate is medium-bodied with a rounded, generous opening, quite rich and heady as usual, although the acidity keeps a rein on the things. It is a voluminous Le Dôme, but I still uphold that this would have benefited from a shorter cuvaison period.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 March 2017


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James Suckling - Jamesuckling.com (04/2015)

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