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2019 Le Dome

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2019 Le Dome from Le Dome, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Saint-Émilion standouts, the 2019 Le Dome from Le Dome takes its rightful place among the stars. This particular vintage emerged from a year that winemakers whispered about in hallowed tones, marked by a sublime alchemy of climatic serendipity and viticultural prowess. The season's gentle ebb and flow of temperatures, coupled with an ideal balance of sunshine and rain, ushered in a harvest that few could resist eulogising.


Signature Elegance: A Testament to Terroir

Indeed, with the 2019 Le Dome, there is much to laud. From vine to bottle, the wine demonstrates a master class in capturing the essence of terroir—a cornerstone for those considering fine wine investments. The strength of this vintage lies not only in its exquisite structure and depth but also in its promise as a formidable addition to any investor's repository.


A Vintage with Veritable Vivacity

The effervescence of the 2019 vintage unveils itself through a tapestry of dark cherries and plums that pirouette across one's palate with unabashed grace. Beneath this fruity veneer lies a deeper composition of earthy undertones—hints of truffle and damp soil—befitting the prestigious appellation from which it springs. Tannins are assertive yet already show signs of polite integration, suggesting that this bottle will age with both dignity and vibrancy.

The varietal makeup is critical to the unique character, where Cabernet Franc plays lead role, deftly supported by Merlot's plush backing vocals. The nuanced performance of each grape is a testament to the careful orchestration conducted by nature and man in 2019.

To invest in the 2019 Le Dome from Le Dome is to secure a slice of vinous virtuosity—a poised and purposeful wine that beckons connoisseurs and investors alike with its promise of pleasure and appreciation. Each bottle encapsulates not merely a fine wine but a narrative shaped by an exceptional year in Saint-Émilion—weaving together climate, craft, and considerable ageing potential.

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Medium to deep garnet-purple colored, the 2019 Le Dome is a little closed and broody to begin, unfurling to reveal a profound core of preserved plums, fruitcake, chocolate-covered cherries and mocha with nuances of star anise, Sichuan pepper and cardamom. The medium to full-bodied palate is beautifully perfumed with loads of floral notes emerging among the black fruits, framed by remarkably soft, velvety tannins and seamless freshness, finishing long and fragrant. Gorgeous wine!

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 18 June 2020

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