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1982 d'Yquem

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1982 d'Yquem from Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes, Bordeaux

In the rich tapestry of vintages that have emerged from the fabled cellars of Chateau d'Yquem, the 1982 d'Yquem is a dazzling gem that retains an ardent following among collectors and aficionados. Crafting an elixir that transcends the ordinary, this particular vintage bears the hallmark traits of a near-perfect growing season in Sauternes.


Exceptional Vintage Brimming with Character

1982 was a year that flirted with perfection across Bordeaux. Yet in the golden-hued vineyards of Chateau d'Yquem—where botrytis cinerea blesses grapes with its “noble rot”—the vintage found an exceptional voice. The harmonious climatic symphony beckoned a slow, steady maturation and meticulous hand-harvesting, ensuring an assemblage of only the most exquisite botrytized berries.

The 1982 vintage thus unravels on the palate with intensely concentrated flavours—a diaphanous ballet of candied apricot, honey, and marzipan, orchestrated upon an opulent texture that whispers tales of the earthen limestone and clay beneath Sauternes' vines. Acidity pirouettes through this luscious sweetness with grace. It imparts structure and ensures longevity which intrigues wine investors hunting for wines with potential for further evolution.


An Oenophile's Investment Dream

As one contemplates the 1982 d'Yquem’s place within a discerning investor’s cellar, there is much to enchant. Its provenance is impeccable; its aging potential—already demonstrated over four decades—remains profound. A bottle of such esteemed providence readily holds its value not simply as a liquid asset but as a treasure of viticultural artistry.

Today, three glorious attributes invest this wine with its charm—its superb balance stands as a testament to the conditions of '82; its aromatic complexity keeps aficionados swirling their glasses; and its opulent palate promises continued maturation.

The astute investor will note the rarity of acquiring such a storied vintage in optimal condition—an imperative assurance when considering the addition of 1982 d'Yquem to one’s collection.


Summarising Sophistication

The 1982 d'Yquem represents a zenith in the tapestry of Bordeaux's sweet wines, offering both a decadent tasting experience and prudent investment opportunity. Suited to those seeking to diversify their portfolios with vinous treasures, it holds prospects for both appreciation and appreciation. In essence, it is a luxurious liquidity—a spectacular vintage from Chateau d'Yquem—that continues to shine resplendently within the sphere of fine wines.

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Served from an ex-chateau bottle. Sauternes only produced two exceptional wines in 1982: Suduiraut and Yquem. Although I have encountered the 1982 Chateau d’Yquem on three occasions, this is the finest bottle. It was an early vintage, physiological ripeness reached on September 16. Rainfall interrupted the harvest that really could not start in earnest until November 2, for just four days. It has a lucid amber color, and a fully mature bouquet with mandarin and marmalade aromas that are pure and well-delineated. Yes, there is a sense of conservatism here, yet you cannot but help be seduced by its exquisite balance and linearity. It gently builds to a lovely apricot and orange zest finish, with just a hint of rosewater lingering on the aftertaste. Drink now-2025. Tasted March 2014.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 25 June 2014


The 1982 vintage, seriously maligned because of the rains that plagued the harvest in Sauternes, was actually an outstanding vintage for both d'Yquem and its nearby neighbor, Chateau Suduiraut, who brought in much of their crops before the rains did any damage. D'Yquem then waited until the harvest dried out, bringing in their last grapes on November 7th. The 1982 is a very forward style of d'Yquem, plump, succulent, with honeyed pineapple, peach, and apricot flavors, exhibiting some, but not a great deal of botrytis. In the mouth, it is massive, thick, and almost as impressive as the 1983, but one does not sense the same degree of length or potential complexity. Nevertheless, this is still a great d'Yquem that has been somewhat overlooked. Anticipated maturity: 1997-2020. Last tasted, 3/92.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #88 August 1993


Tasted at the Academie du Vin dinner in Bordeaux, along with Suduiraut, Yquem was one of the few successful Sauternes. It has a lovely, vivacious bouquet of mandarin, kiwi fruit, dried honey and mango. The palate is well balanced with impressive botrytis considering the vintage, although there is a sense of linearity and conservatism towards the finish. Tasted April 2012.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2012

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