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2010 d'Yquem

By Chateau d'Yquem

The 2010 d'Yquem from Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes, Bordeaux

Within the cherished annals of the Chateau d'Yquem legacy, the 2010 vintage of this transcendent Sauternes is a beacon of magnificence. With four decades submerged in the assigned task of discerning quality and artistry in vinous craftsmanship, the 2010 d'Yquem stands out as a quintessential testament to the winery’s mastery.


Symphony in a Bottle: The 2010 d'Yquem Vintage

The particularities defining the resplendence of the 2010 vintage emerge from conditions that were both kind and peculiar in their gifting. The Sauternes region experienced a dry, warm summer followed by an equally gracious autumn, presenting an ideal narrative for noble rot to conjure its magic upon the grapes. Indeed, the harvest yielded fruit imbued with optimum levels of both acidity and sweetness—a balance that is palpably expressed in each glass.

Upon tasting, one immerses into an opulent dance of exotic aromatics, where intertwined scents of candied fruits, honeycomb and ginger coalesce with a seductive whisper of floral nuance. However, beyond these expected notes lies a startlingly vibrant citrus line—forthright evidence that this wine possesses remarkable ageing potential.

On the palate, the texture unfolds like decadent silk unfurled across a mahogany table—rich yet somehow light. Complex layers of apricot confiture, almond paste, and saffron seduce swiftly, but it's the promises of profound longevity and maturation that will entice fine wine investors to this prestigious offering from Chateau d'Yquem.


En Primeur Perspective: A Connoisseur's Investment

Contemplating the investment merits of prestigious wines encompasses more than mere appreciation—it requires foresight and understanding of vintage singularity. The 2010 d'Yquem soars as one such collectible piece where its individuality is matched only by its investment appeal. Underpinned by superb climatic nurture, this year's liquid bounty from Chateau d'Yquem beckons with seductive surety—a guarantee for all who envision their cellar as both sanctuary and bank.

Culminating thoughts on the 2010 d’Yquem bottle dwell on its cohesion - wherein lies a delicious dichotomy; it beckons immediate indulgence whilst promising years—nay decades—of evolution. This bottling is indubitably poised to bolster any collection, sweetening an investor’s portfolio as effortlessly as it does one's palate.

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Pale to medium lemon-gold color, the 2010 d'Yquem has retreated into its shell at this youthful stage, offering spritely suggestions of lemon curd, lime cordial and green mango with wafts of honeysuckle, spice cake, sea spray and beeswax plus a hint of gingerbread. The palate really comes through with super intense, tightly wound citrus, savory and mineral layers carried by a laser-precise backbone of freshness, finishing with crazy persistence that lingers a full three minutes and then some. This is going to be a very exotic, opulent Yquem!

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 5 March 2020


The purity of Botrytis in this wine is so impressive with dried fruits such apple and mango. And then spicy character. Full body and very sweet but it is incredibly fresh and lively. Such class and elegance. Perfectly manicured wine. Everything in the right place. This shows a delicacy and intensity that are spellbinding. Drink in 2018.

James Suckling -, November 14th 2013


Picked predominantly over 10 days from October 14, the 2010 d’Yquem has 141gms/L residual sugar and pH 3.80. It is a slow-burner, the nose understated at first but unfurling with each passing moment with subtle scents of freshly sliced apricots, Clementine, clear honey and white flowers. There is an underlying minerality that really defines this bouquet. The palate is similar to the nose, revealing hidden facets with almost each swirl of the glass – orange blossom, limestone, white peach and honeysuckle. This is such a precise d’Yquem; it is after you have swallowed the wine that one comprehends just how brilliant it is.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #194 May 2011

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